Mutt Malas were created a month before my 30th birthday. My husband and families were asking what I wanted to do for the big 3-0, and instead of people spending money on a party or presents I didn’t really need, I wanted to try and raise some money for the animals at Tierra De Animales in Cancun. This is where Pedro (one of our dogs) is from. They also have cats, goats, pigs, turtles etc. A true animal sanctuary- yet they receive no government funding.

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I have really gotten into gemstones and their meanings/healing properties as of late, and I love creating pieces of jewelry that not only look nice, but have a positive impact when you wear them!

For each bracelet sold, $10 will be donated to Tierra De Animales. 

For each necklace sold, $20 will be donated. Of course these are more expensive due to many more gemstones being used, and a larger gem or tassel included at the bottom.

Prices cover material costs, and remainder is donated to Tierra De Animales.


I am more than happy to create a custom Mutt Mala for you! e-mail for details.


Flat $5 shipping fee in Canada
Flat $10 shipping fee anywhere else





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