Saturday, July 20, 2024

My new obsessions with Macrame + plants + thrifting

Heyooooo check it out! When I have a blog that works properly, I want to post more than once every 6 months! WOOOO (although same deal, I have been meaning to post this for 2 weeks… gah! haha)
~ Thanks again to Mel and Tony at Urban Freelancer for hooking me UP! You guys are the BEST!

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OK… so a couple things. Since having our own home, I FINALLY understand why my sister, and sister in laws, and friends that own homes go into this insane rabbit hole for hours and hours just to pick out the perfect area rug that honestly SO few people are going to notice. Because it’s SO fun. And addicting. And even if YOU’re the only person who notices… it makes you feel good. And your home should definitely be somewhere that makes you feel good. Anyway, I finally get it. I’ve been so distracted lately trying to decide what I want to do with a certain empty patch on the wall, or with pictures, or mainly… lately… plants and macrame! haha I am OBSESSED.

So one of my closest friends and I decided we were going to do a macrame project a month or so ago and we’ve been getting together weekly to work on it and it’s honestly one of the best parts of my week. When left to my own devices, I tend to focus on the things I know… my blog, my beautycounter biz, working on Raeleigh’s first year album, some malas… and I don’t really make the time to learn something new (or haven’t lately) because I feel like I have enough on my plate already. But macrame was on my list of things to learn… so it’s PERFECT that I can learn, while spending some QT with my girl. I want macrame and plants in every room in my house. Luckily, Greg could take or leave the macrame, but he likes the plants a lot! so that’s a win.

Don’t mind the holes in the wall. haha This isn’t yet done, but it’s looking pretty good I think!!!

One of the gals that works for the brewery (who is a plant guru) took me to Mullens Garden market back when we first moved into the house in mid November. I started with a big beautiful pothos to hang in the livingroom near the window, and then I had a gorgeous Macrame planter made for Raeleigh’s room and I of course needed things to put in there as well! So we started there.

But of course… it didn’t stop there. She warned me, too! Andrea… she said. “Plants are super addicting. You’ll get one or two… you’ll see how happy they make you and you’ll want a million more. They just make you feel good. They warm up the space.. they’re good for the air… just trust me. You’re going to want more”. Gosh was she right. The ladies at Mullens know me by name now (and it doesn’t help that we live honestly, less than a KM away).

Dad and I made this stand (yes, I helped! I even used the saw) – thanks for the tutorial and idea Jessica Sara Morris

It quickly did become an addiction. haha like a big one! I have so many projects I’ve been trying to work on, not to mention being back at work and also continuing to build my Beautycounter business. But man have I been distracted. haha

Dad has helped me a TON, thank goodness. He put up and cut these shelves for me (thanks Woodshed for the awesome live edge piece). I’ve been back and forth to Home Depot more times than I can count for anything from hooks and brackets to spray paint!

All the plants and pots on the shelves came from Mullen’s Garden Market. They were so patient with all my questions and even potted everything for me. I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out!

But that wasn’t enough, of course. I had to do a couple DIYs for other spaces!

These adorable little cookie tin holders are in our bedroom on the wall and they’re just too much. I’m so pleased with how they turned out. These are from Lucy at CraftBerry Bush. Fairly straight forward, great tutorial and sooo adorbs! And for these, I took a trip to Rice Road Greenhouses and got some help from their staff. Wow I could stay there all day! SO much to look at!!!

THEEESEEEE little hoops are in the front entryway and I just love them. Again, couldn’t have done them without my Pa helping with the cutting and drilling (so pretty much all I did was find the DIY idea and spray paint the pot haha) These are from Neverskipbrunch and are an Anthropolgie knock off. These are amazing but WHO would pay almost $200 for one!?!?!? Anyway, SO grateful for this tutorial – I think they turned out FAB!

I have to touch quickly on this GORGEOUS table that my dad made for us… I am in LOVEEEEEEE!!!!! It’s honestly something we’ll have forever. Likely ended up costing us more having it made than buying it from somewhere already done.. but it’s exactly what we wanted (size, materials etc) AND it’s something we’ll have from my pa that has meaning for us!

Wood is from The Woodshed and is STUNNING!!!! Legs were made by a local guy who made the legs for the tables at the brewery as well πŸ™‚ (Called Heuser’s Welding and Steel but I don’t think they have a website!)

OK… lastly I just need to touch on my [fairly] recent obsession with thrifting!! I mean, I’ve always been a fan of hand-me-downs (my sis in law likes nice clothes and they come to me when she gets sick of them! haha win!) and for Raeleigh,… Once upon a Child has been a GODSEND (HOW do people afford to pay full price for kids stuff that they wear for 5 minutes… and WHY do they pay full price more importantly!?)

But as I’ve gotten more into the sustainability side of things too, Thrifting just makes SENSE! And it’s fun! I love giving things new life. Plus, I’m learning about some really great options for online thrifting too! Plato’s Closet is FAB, especially the one in St Catharines, but sometimes it’s nice to sit on the computer and search for what I want!

I would LOVE to hear your fave Thrifting options! I got a couple great suggestions on my Insta-poll! Poshmark (how did I not know about this!), I already knew about and love Thredup (but only in the US which sucks for shipping) and Christian Benefit Shop in St Catharines (gotta go check it out!). Any others!? Would love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading. I’ve been busy over here, but I feel like the house is in a good little state now. All I have left is my herbs needing to be put up once the planter arrives next week! Of course I will take pics!

Next up, I’ll try to post some workout updates. My review of 6 weeks of the Work, and what I’m up to next!


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