Monday, April 15, 2024

Get into the home workouts! (and tips to stay committed)

HEY everyone!!! Happy Hump Dayyyy!

Man, what a week it’s been so far. I know I’m having trouble believing what is actually happening out there in the world. Trying to remain cautious but calm, be sure I’m caring enough, but not so much I’m panicking… It’s an odd balance. Personally I don’t feel super worried about the virus itself or being able to survive it, but it’s not about me. It’s about my little one, family members that are older, friends or people in the community with compromised Immune systems… Anyway – I’m not writing to talk about Covid-19… I’m writing to give you some suggestions, ideas and hopefully some motivation to get your butt moving during all of this!

OK! SO, I am a big fan of home workouts as you probably know if you’ve been following me a little bit. I just love how quick and easy it can be to get a good sweat! In honestly the amount of time it can take you to drive to and from the gym, you can be done!

There are a few options I’m going to suggest for you for places to follow for home workouts, and a few tips to stay motivated, too. Also, I did a post last year around this time with a few suggestions (there’s a bit of overlap, but you can check that out here)

First thing I hear from people that are fighting doing workouts from home ‘I have no idea what to even do’. WELL my friends… no more excuses. Here are a couple of my favourite options for home workouts!

JESS ALLEN – Blonde Ponytail – she has some programs you can purchase (highly recommended) but she also posts free workouts to follow every week! In fact, this week she and a friend of hers are posting workouts every day this week! Give her a follow and get to it!

My local girl Alyssa Cullen! She has a killer home gym that she does group training sessions out of (when the Covid isn’t a threat) and she posts some awesome workouts on her insta as well! Tons of full body!

Newly – I’ve been following Arena Strength and I love the workouts they post! I just purchased these bands and they’re FAB! they don’t ROLL! Which is the most annoying thing about bands! So I’m super happy with them and I love that they post workouts to follow as well.

I do post some workouts as well! On instagram, as well as here! So have a peek and see if anything tickles your fancy πŸ™‚

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Lastly, it would be silly for me not to mention Beachbody on Demand since I’ve done hundreds of workouts from this app and I LOVE it. Most recently did 6 weeks of the Work and loved it!!! This is a paid app where you spend $100 (I think it’s still $100) for the whole year and you have access to TONS of workouts that you can do from home. Many are bodyweight, many include weights, loops, etc. They’re FAB and honestly the best $100 spent. I get it each year!!!

OK so those are my reccos where you can find workouts and stop saying you don’t know what to do. NOW, the second thing I hear a ton is ‘ahhh I just don’t know how you push yourself to workout first thing in the morning (or evening, or whenever) alone, at home, no real accountability… I just wouldn’t do it!’.

K… fair. I get it. Not everyone likes working out (I actually do, so it makes it a little easier) And it is definitely a little harder when it’s all on you, no one to really hold you accountable. So a couple suggestions:

  1. Recruit a bud. Obviously this is harder in the current moment of all this social distancing, but, facetime/whatsapp/instagramvideo are wonderful tools!!! Commit. have someone you are doing it with! Choose a program (or go day by day)
  2. Lay out your workout stuff the night before… you’ll feel worse if you lay out what you’re going to wear and end up putting it away because you slept through your alarm!
  3. Pick a workout or a program you LIKE! When I started the Work, I was excited to get into it. Mainly because there was swearing and I thought it was funny. haha No but seriously, it was such a killer program and I heard good things so I was pumped to start. Don’t choose a cardio focused workout or program if you HATE cardio, You won’t stick to it!
  4. Try getting it in in the morning! I know, a lot of people ‘aren’t morning people’ but if you wake up and do it first thing, it doesn’t matter what the rest of your day brings… your workout is done! Also, you’ll have way more energy throughout the day, you’ll eat better, and you’ll kick start your metabolism for the day! ALL WINS!

OK, that’s all I’ve got for today! I would LOVE to hear what your fave workout peeps are to follow for a good sweat sesh at home!

Talk soon! Stay healthy and safe!
xxx Andrea

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