Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Time flies when you’re having fun!

HOW has it been almost 8 months that I’ve been a part of this fab company already!? Honestly, I can’t believe how fast time is going!

So, I am going to try to recap the last several months in a few paragraphs, but wow, it’s been crazy!
I joined Beautycounter in March for a few reasons:
1. I wanted to be sure I was using the absolute best products I could on Raeleigh

2. I needed to clean up the products I was using on myself. I eat really well, I work out consistently, but I wasn’t always as careful as I should have been about the products I was lathering all over my body (enter, Beautycounter)

3. I figured I could use some extra cash while on mat leave… and if one day it lets me stay home with Rae… AMAZING!!! So far… I’ve been to several events that Beautycounter has hosted, whether it be trainings, social gatherings or a little bit of both… there have been no shortage of (optional) things to attend to get my business off on the right foot!

We have an amazing community here in Ontario, with some of the companies top leaders living locally! This is SUCH a bonus for myself and the team I’ve created because the support is amazing!
Since March, my team has grown and there are 9 amazing voices with me (all in the Niagara area!) and it’s been a BLAST! It’s so nice to have people close by that all have similar missions!
We did an event at my husbands Brewery last month featuring our holiday collection but also showcasing a bunch of our skincare and make up. It was a huge success and we’ll be doing another one this month (this coming weekend, actually!)

More updates to follow… It’s been crazy over here and I am definitely working on a post with updates on life, in general! Some big changes happened/happening and I am excited to share!

Thanks for checking in!

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