Saturday, July 20, 2024

Just a few updates!

I am having a hard time believing that my last post was almost 8 months ago! HOW!?!

There have been just a FEW things happening over here. haha Wow!

For the sake of trying to keep this fairly short and sweet, I will do some updates in point form. Otherwise, we will be here all night.

  1. CHECK outtttt my new site!!! What do you guys think? It has had a much needed face lift and I couldn’t be happier about it! LONG time coming!!!

2. COUNTERPART is open!! How did I not do a whole post on that, I am not sure! And I will have to. However for now, a quick little summary will have to do. It has been SO surreal to see Greg and Joe absolutely crushing it for the last 8 months. Raeleigh and I have spent an embarrassing amount of time there, because 1) the food is killer, 2) I Love beer (and it’s amazing) an 3) Rae wouldn’t get to see her Daddy if we didnt visit, because he’s been there non stop!

3. We moved into our very own house!! Only a couple weeks ago, but omg I’m so in love with our new neighbourhood, our little home and the fact that we can actually put roots down. We’ve been living ‘temporarily’ ever since we got together! I was in Toronto for awhile, we moved to BC together and were there for 7 years, but we always knew we would move back to Ontario… and then we lived with Greg’s parents for almost 3 years. They were SO gracious to take us (and our 4 animals, and our BABY!) .. but it still wasn’t really home for us, you know? So now, having our own place, we can really settle in and hopefully stay for many years to come.

4. I’ve been really focusing on growing my Beautycounter business, and oh my goodness I’m having a blast. I’ve met (and reconnected) with some of the most amazing gals, I’m making extra cash (a decent amount of extra cash might I add), AND I’m learning so much about safer products. I am loving it so much, I only wish I got started earlier!

5.. I am starting a new job in a few weeks! I am still working with natural supplements, which aligns so well with my lifestyle and goals, but I am switching companies. I am really excited about the opportunity, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at all anxious about leaving my sweet little baby girl and going back to work. It’s WAY harder than I thought it would be (and I haven’t even done it yet!). I am SUPER blessed to be able to return to working only 4 days a week! #winning!

6. We are going to be celebrating Raeleigh’s first birthday in a little over a week and I can not believe it!!! This little girl makes my heart melt, and I Can’t believe it’s been almost a full year we’ve had with her already. It’s flown by, but then again, I can’t really remember what life was like without her !

It’s funny because I remember hearing/reading a while ago some of the most stressful things a couple can go through: Moving/relocating, switching jobs, having a baby, starting a business. Oh… wow, Greg and I have done ALL of those things in the last 12 months. haha Moving, check… switching jobs, check… starting a business, check… having a baby, big time check! I feel beyond blessed to be doing life with someone so supportive, determined, hilarious, and so so so loving ! It’s been tough at times… holy shit has it ever! But seeing Greg as a dad MIGHT be my favourite thing about the last 12 months. So freakin awesome!

Anyway, I am absolutely going to be posting more often, now that I’ve got this shiny new blog to show off! But for now, that’s it!

Thanks for checking in! Would love to know what you think about the new blog design! Thanks so much to the Urban Freelancer for doing such a beautiful job and being such a dream to work with! All while keeping two tiny humans alive!!!

See y’all soon and happy weekend!

xxx Andrea

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