Thursday, May 30, 2024

Well here we are, at 40 (plus) weeks!!

Who knew… Due date would come and go, and no baby! It’s really a feeling like no other just kinda hangin out, having no real clue when your life is about to change in such a massive way. It’s so exciting and also making me kinda anxious! haha I am not an anxious person by nature, so this is new for me. I am doing things throughout the day thinking ‘is this the last time I’m going to be doing this with this big ol’ belly, and without a baby in my arms?! It’s really crazy!!!

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Anyway, what has changed in the last few weeks!? Well, nothing and everything I suppose. I’ve started slowly doing some of the things to naturally encourage babe to make his/her appearance! Pineapple (DELISH!) + acupuncture… trying to slowly get things going. I’m not that eager, I’m still pretty content – I’d just prefer not to have to be induced if at all possible (but I’ve still got a good week or so before we even have to consider that, so lots of time!)

I know – I’ve used this little guys face before – pretty much every meme that has him in it, I LOVE! hahaย 

Still moving around a ton. Jabbing the ribs. I’ve heard about this from everyone… always asking if I was getting kicked in the ribs, and I really hadn’t. Now I know what all the hype (and complaints) were about! It HURTS! haha When that little foot gets up under there. Not nice. But I do love the movement and I can’t help but think I’ll miss it. 

I feel like I’ve been getting a little bit of the aversions back that I had in the first trimester. There are certain things I haven’t really been able to stomach throughout pregnancy… like red onion (usually love it!) and dijon mustard (I can put it in dressings and stuff and eat it, but I can’t smell it on its own). I’ve been feeling slightly pickier these last couple weeks too, in what I feel like eating. I’ve heard sometimes the aversions or even nausea from the first trimester can make a return. I’ve been SUPER into broccoli this week too. I have had probably 4(ish) heads of it, just steamed with a little bit of salt. DELISH. Which is great, because it balances out all the vegan baked treats I mentioned in my 38 week update (still snacking on those, that’s for sure – Recipe to follow!)

I am starting to feel quite big. When I wake up in the morning I’m usually feeling fine, hence being able to do my workouts still (which is AMAZING!) … but by lunchtime, my belly feels super heavy, I have a fair amount of pelvic pressure and feel best when I’m vertical! haha Not really… but sitting down has become a comfortable past time. Luckily, I finished work a little over a week ago (exactly 1 week before my due date!) so I’ve been pretty relaxed the last 10 days. I really feel for the poor women that feel this pelvic pressure throughout most of their pregnancies. I had virtually NONE until I got to about 39.5 weeks… seriously can not complain over here! 

(not true, I love my hubby… he’s been a stud through my pregnancy. but this is funny!)

I have been really enjoying my time off so far. I’ve had a few things to do each day, midwife appointments, chiropractor, errands picking up last minute things for babe, I’ve had a couple lunch dates etc ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’ve been careful not to make tooooo many plans because I gotta say I am LOVING the time to just kick my feet up and cuddle with the pups. Anyone that has me on instagram and has seen my stories sees that Pedro hasn’t really left my side. If I’m on the couch, he’s with me. And not just beside me, but on me as close as he can get cuddled right up to the baby belly. It’s lovely. As I write this, he’s got his ear covering half my keys on the laptop. haha – I know I’ll still have lots of time home in the next year, cuddling with the pups (AND babe!) but it will be different… so I’m soaking this all up and trying to appreciate the little moments! 

OK, Oh my gosh, I have to share this recipe I have been obsessed with since I made it.

(Photo from the Haute and Healthy Living blog where recipe is from – linked below!)

NO BAKE Cookie Dough Bites – made with Chickpeas!!! I made these twice this week. On Sunday with my niece. She’s picky, and she tried these and said … ‘Auntie, actually… these are kinda good’! So that’s a win! .. Anyway, I was snacking on them and going through them way too quickly, so I made a second, double batch. I wanted to be sure I had plenty to put in my hospital bag ๐Ÿ™‚ I put them in mini muffin wrappers so the recipe went a little further. HIGHLY recommend!

I can’t believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away! I absolutely ADORE this time of year and can’t wait for babe to join us for it!! The amount of outfit changes this poor kid is going to have in the first few weeks of his/her life is going to be CRAZY. Especially when we find out what the gender is. haha

Thanks again for following along with our journey… It’s been so amazing and is totally bittersweet that it could be over at any moment now, but a new journey will begin and we are SO excited for that, too!ย 


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