Monday, June 24, 2024

Some of my fave vegan snacks lately!

Hey Guys,

I’ve written (or tried to write) this post 3 times now and I keep losing it for some reason. The ‘save draft’ button seems to have a mind of it’s own and it just keeps deleting info I’m writing! So you’re getting a slightly shorter version than what I originally started with 3 drafts ago, but at least all the important info is still here! haha

So, I’ve been feeling super ravenous these days. Like just can’t seem to get enough food!! My workouts are still happening 6 days/week and they’re quite intense, so no wonder my appetite is so good. That, combined with the fact that I am entering the third trimester (OMG!) makes sense why I am so dang hungry all the time!
…(Second trimester recap post coming later this week by the way… but here’s a pic in the meantime! Gettin BIG!) ..

So since being pregnant I am super pumped about fruit, all the time! I have always loved fruit but would usually have some in my morning smoothie and then maybe another serving throughout the day with some nut butter, in dried form, or just on it’s own. I would have TONS of veggies in a typical day. Salads, just raw veggies etc. But I’ve swapped a bit in the last 6 months and while I’ve still been getting adequate veg, I am all about the fruits these days, so fresh fruit is incorporated wherever it can be throughout my day! πŸ™‚

Anyway, here’s some of my other healthy(ish)go to vegan snacks. Now note, a lot of these I am not having every single day by any means… Some of these are pretty healthy (like the puddings, the hummus/veg, dried fruits..) and even the protein bars and the black bean brownies are definitely a healthier option than most things, but sometimes it’s about damage control, right? Like I’m craving chocolate, so the black bean brownie would be a much healthier option than chocolate icecream or a regular brownie or cookie, however still not something I want to have 5 servings of every day. You know? Moderation, balance etc etc.

Anyway, here we go:

Chocolate Chia Pudding (from my fave Running on real food, blog!)

(pic borrowed from the Running on real food blog)

This recipe is awesome for travel. I have been on the road quite a bit for work lately, and also taking little overnight trips with Greg so I always try to pack a couple of these for a snack or breakfast. Vegan options are really coming along in most places we visit, but it’s never good to be stuck without anything to eat. Non-pregnant Andrea would get mean and vicious when hungry, so you can imagine what an almost 7 month pregnant Andrea is like when I’m past the point of wanting food!

PB Chia Overnight Oats (from

(pic from the Joyfoodsunshine original post)

These, like the chocolate chia pudding above are awesome to have on hand as a quick and easy grab-and-g0 breaky, or a snack throughout the day. They’re super filling, and anything with nut butter lately I am all about, so I really love the PB in this πŸ™‚ 

Black Bean Brownies

I used to make these ALL the time and I forgot about them for a while. They’re honestly SUCH a tasty little treat and are so good for when you’ve got sugar cravings but don’t want to totally give in. These are super rich in fibre (because of the beans!) They are definitely still a ‘treat’, but they’re nutrient rich and soooooo delicious! Add a little PB to them, or have them with a few berries on the side. They’re also delicious right on their own. I make them in the mini muffin tins, because then I can have 2-3 small ones instead of 1 big one, which for some reason to me feels like more! πŸ™‚ haha 

NO Bake Protein Bars

(pic from the Oh she glows original post (tagged below)

Gah. These are from the amazing Oh She Glows website. Gosh I love her page. I can find so many wonderful things there. But for now, I am just talking about these no bake protein bars. I have these in my freezer nearly 100% of the time, and have them as a pre workout snack at least 3-4 (out of 6) workout mornings a week! I LOVE THEM! 

ANY sort of nut butter on rice cakes with fruit, or nut butter sans the rice cakes with fruit! Just super diggin the nut butters.

Hummus or Avocado smeared on rice cakes with some red pepper/sprouts and sriracha! Delish. I like the really thin ricecakes from! They’re 4 per serving which I LOVE!! and tasty! They act as a delicious and low cal vessel to add more delicious things on top and snack! I’m all about more these days! haha

A few pre packaged snacks I’m loving and will keep in the car for when I feel like a hungry savage beast:


So these aren’t totally delicious if I’m being really honest. They’re good… considering they’re vegan, fairly low cal and 15g/protein per serving. So anything that can deliver those options while being somewhat palatable gets me pretty jazzed. These won’t taste awesome to everyone … they’re a little cardboardy actually. hahaha I am really selling them, right? But I do keep going back for more, so there’s something to be said about that.

SMART SWEETS (Vegan option!)

These are a new love obsession for me! I JUST got these this week and dear lord, they’re amazing. I can’t wait to order more and will have to get my hubs to hide them around the house and give them to me  in small doses. I got mine from because I love their customer service, prices and super fast shipping! (Only $35 spent to get free shipping in Canada!)

CHIMES Coconut Toffee

(photo from the Chimes instagram)

These are definitely not really a healthier option, it’s still candy. But ooooo it’s so good. It’s vegan… and anything coconut is gonna make me smile so I’m all in. I keep these in my car for a little snack. They’re a fab sweet treat to curb cravings and if you keep it to 1-2 they’re relatively low in sugars and overall cals. Thumbs up!

LEVEL GROUND dried fruit (I LOVE the Golden Berries + The Mango… and 10 thousand villages is the best place to get it!)

(photo from Level Ground instagram)

Gah I can’t get enough of these. Honestly, 10 thousand villages (link above) is the best place to get them because they’ve got the best price on them by FAR, plus if you’re local and can go into one of their locations, they have free coffee and tea samples to walk around with. BONUS!

Anyway, hopefully some of you find these recipes and grab and go ideas helpful! πŸ™‚ I like to share when I find some go to’s that I have all the time! Would love to hear some of your faves!

Have a fab rest of your weekend, friends!


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