Sunday, June 23, 2024

Halfway there already! 20 week update 🙂

Hey guys!
I can not believe that we’re halfway already! Holy CRAP where did the time go!? And the little nugget is definitely growing! My lighting is terrible downstairs, so I’m going to try and look for somewhere else to take my pics for the second half! haha


It’s honestly crazy because I remember like it was yesterday running upstairs and telling Greg ‘Omg… it’s positive… we’re pregnant’. It was funny this time because I took about 5 or 6 negative tests before we got a positive one! For some reason, the first several tests I took all game back negative. I was certain I wasn’t pregnant, but my period still hadn’t come, so I took another test just to rule it out and what do you know…!

Anyway, crazy how quick that time has gone! But it’s finally starting to feel REAL which is really cool. I’ve definitely ‘popped’ now, and Greg hasn’t been able to feel any serious kicks yet, but he could feel a tiny bit of movement which is definitely cool.

Even though it feels like it’s flown by, a lot has happened in the last 5 months and we’ve definitely been busy!! I’ve been travelling a ton with work (my territory expanded so I’m managing more clients now) and things with the brewery are definitely progressing so Greg has been insanely busy (and stressed). I think most of you know, but in case you’re like ‘what brewery’… my hubs is opening a craft brewery here in Niagara Falls, Ontario…. and the projected opening date is December 1, 2018… 4 days before my due date! haha

So I’ve been travelling, I also recently completed my certification in Pre and Post Natal fitness which I am SO pumped about.  Where all my local pregnant/mama’s at?! Stroller bootcamp comin atcha! And you totally don’t have to be pregnant or a mom to come.. just bring a sack of potato’s to lug around and you’ll be good! I did my certification through Fit4Two and had a really great experience! I enjoyed the course a ton, found the info relevant and really interesting! Highly recommend it for pregnant and non pregnant fitness instructors alike!

I wanted to get certified because my goal is definitely to have as healthy and fit of a pregnancy as I can, with baby’s health of course being #1. So far, I haven’t had to modify much of what I’m doing. A few pointers I was given early on, and they were confirmed while I worked through my course:
pay attention to your heart rate (for a woman that works out regularly and is pregnant, 130-145bpm is a good range)
don’t let yourself get too hot – overheating is bad! (Hence why saunas, hot tubs and hot yoga are a no no)
if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it
after ~16weeks (ish) you shouldn’t be doing exercises flat on your back

I’m doing my best to document my journey with some of the workouts I’m doing and how things have been going! The second half will likely be more interesting in terms of things happening, especially from a workout standpoint and being able to check my posts out for good modifications and ideas in the 2nd and 3rd trimsters 🙂

I’m also doing a little journal for the babe… I think I remember my mom saying she did this, and I thought it was a cute idea (although I’ve never seen it, ma! haha) – I wrote all the milestones so far – like the first time we saw him/her on the ultrasound, when we told our families, all the events we’ve been to thus far (this babe has been all over the place!) and how we’ve decided we are NOT finding out what we’re having, so it’s gonna be a lovely surprise! And YES we’ll be taking bets 🙂

Sorry for all the words and not a lot of pics… but wanted to post a little update for those that have been asking! Stay tuned for the second half of this crazy journey!!! 

Thanks so much for reading (mom and Mich I appreciate that you two are the only ones who read all my posts… haha – just kidding. kinda. ;))



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