Monday, April 15, 2024

1 year vegan… recap!

WOW… I am embarrassed to say the least.

I can’t believe that it’s been 5 months since I last posted. But part of me can believe it I guess! I sort of have a habit of taking on too many things. I have a lot of interests and passions and I like to think I’m superhuman and can do everything I want to and then some. I’m trying to get better a at being organized and with my time management, but it’s a work in progress πŸ™‚

ANYWAY, I wanted to do a little update post because as of May 1st… I have been vegan for just over a year now!! And I think that’s reason to celebrate! Check these stats out!!! (Via

Processed with MOLDIV

That is pretty freakin awesome in my mind! For all those people that say ‘I can’t make a difference, I’m just one person…’ UM… LOOK AT THOSE NUMBERS!

You guys, I definitely haven’t been perfect. I have DONE MY BEST with it and that’s good enough for me! When I’m cooking at home, I’m 100% on and know exactly what I’m eating! If I’m out, especially out with a client, or if I’m at someones house and they have cooked for me… there may be times where mistakes have been made. I mean, I am sure to let people know I am vegan, but some people don’t totally know what that means.

Perfect example, someone cooked for me once, and didnt realize that butter wasn’t vegan… whoops! But I am doing what I can. Sure, sometimes I may have eaten a piece of toast or a wrap that had traces of milk or egg in it (again, usually when I’m out because I rarely have gluten at home!) but I know that what I’m doing is still making a HUGE difference, and I am not stressed about the odd mistake.

So last year when I transitioned, I wrote a post shortly after about how the transition was going … check that out here if you missed it! I referenced some of my fave vegan friends and influencers and talked about some of the reasons I transitioned!

So how has the year been!? AMAZING. Only regret —- that I didn’t do this sooner. Which is what pretty much every vegan person says (from what I’ve heard! haha). A lot of people talk about losing weight when they transition. I can’t say I noticed this much as my weight is fairly consistent (has been for the last 10 or 15 years really…) but I didn’t go from eating everything under the sun to eating plant based. I was really only eating fish and cut that out! So for someone that is eating meat, dairy, eggs etc… I would imagine seeing a bigger shift in weight! 

I am totally not trying to be preachy or pushy here guys with this post -that’s really not my style… but I am passionate about this lifestyle and thought it would be worth sharing a quick recap. 

I know I posted this before but it’s actually so funny. haha

Anyway – it’s honestly pretty freakn easy these days to be vegan. A couple things I’ve learned over the year:
1. Always pack snacks… always. You never know when you’ll be stuck in traffic, or end up in a town where there’s no good options
2. Planning ahead/meal prepping will make your life a MILLION times easier (vegan or not this is true!)
3. MOST places these days have vegan options – you just need to ask!
4. Iron Vegan protein bars are a MUST HAVE ON HAND at all times! (Sprouted, organic, non-gmo, low sugar, high protein!)
5. There are SO MANY amazing vegan influencers/bloggers/people around… just do a search. The resources and recipes are unlimited!!!!
6. Maybe most importantly – IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to make a difference!!!!

I’m gonna wrap it up there for now, but I would LOVE to hear from you if you have questions or comments about transitioning!

Perhaps I’ll do a post in the near future about some tips to transition or make a shift (even if it’s not 100% plant based!)

Thanks so much for reading… I promise to be back sooner than 5 months from now! I’m working on a couple other posts I just haven’t quite finished yet!


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