Monday, April 15, 2024


Hey you guys!

Well here we are, another several months gone buy without a post… ! MAN I SUCK!! However, what better post to get back into things than a new #RISEANDSWEAT! So excited about this one you guys! We start tomorrow (December 3rd) and we’ll have our last day and I’ll draw the winner on December 23rd!


I figured it’s pretty much the PERFECT time for a little workout challenge because it’s just getting into the heat of the holiday season with drinks and food, late nights, sweet treats, repeat x a million different parties and events. So… I figured I would do my best to motivate you guys to try and get some sweatin in amongst all the eating, drinking and late nights! At least try and offset some of those potentially poor decisions haha. 

Alright guys … here are your instructions for the December #riseandsweat. The concept couldn’t be simpler. The point of the challenge is to be more active than you are right now! This doesn’t mean crazy intense workouts every day (unless that is what you’re into, and if you are, I can totally point you in the right direction where to find some!). But if that’s not your jam, then just get up and MOVE. Go for a walk, do a little yoga or just a nice 5-10 minute stretch, try out a new class at your local gym, or challenge your kids (or pet) to a race around the couch. I really don’t care what you do, just do SOMETHING to get the blood circulating and ideally get your heart rate up! Just get your booty up a little earlier each morning and do something active!!!! Your future self will thank you.

I’ve done these in the past, and they’re always so much fun! One thing I hear is ‘what if I can’t do it in the morning’? Yes, this challenge is called ‘riseandsweat’, and I would LOVE for you to TRY getting up a little earlier and starting your day with some movement… but if you absolutely can not, just get it in when you can! After all, this challenge is just about getting people moving and more active! So any time of day is great!

However… Here are a few reasons why I’m promoting AM sweat sesh’s vs evening.
* Boost your metabolism and gets your digestion started
* Boosts your mood! Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy — why wouldn’t you want to be in a great mood to start the day
* You’ll ACTUALLY workout – If you wait til later in the day, the chances of something ‘getting in the way’ are pretty good
* You’ll sleep better! – If you workout later in the day, those same endorphins that are putting you in a good mood in the morning can disrupt your sleep at night (if you save your workout until too close to bedtime!)

OK, so hopefully I’ve convinced you to try sweating first thing in the AM… 
Now, how does this challenge work? … Easy.

> Get up and start your day with some form of activity. (Anything from a walk, to yoga, to stretching, to a full on workout)
> Take a pic or video of what you’re doing for your #riseandsweat. *Note: This can be a pic of your workout equipment, your    space, your recovery drink… anything you want! It doesn’t have to be your face! haha
> Tag me (@andreagnys) and hashtag #riseandsweat

Every time you post, you get an entry to win one of the prizes from the challenge! (I’m giving away a couple #muttmalas , as well as everyones fave, a head to toe Under Armour Canada prize pack (your choice of shirt, pants, shoes, sports bra/boxers for the boys, and a bag!)

>> Share challenge (repost it on your facebook or insta)
>>Tag friends that you want to do the challenge with you!!
>> You get an entry for every post… so if you’re feeling extra ambitious, do a double header! Yes I want you to workout in the AM, but if you’re wanting to do something else in the evening, you’ll totally get credit for it! 

I am going to be posting 1 exercise each day. I will post it the night before (IE: tonight, Dec 2 I am posting the workout for tomorrow, Dec 3rd…) 

?you DO NOT have to do the exercise that I post – this is just a ‘move of the day’ I’ve chosen… these are simply guides or ideas for those of you that aren’t really sure what to do and want some inspiration
?You DO NOT have to do something every day of the 21 days to win – each time you post you get an entry. Of course – the more you do, the more likely you are to win!

I will be drawing a winner on December 23rd for the Under Armour prize pack. There will be some random prizes throughout the 21 days, so be sure to be as consistent as you can, and always tag me (@andreagnys) and hashtag #riseandsweat!! 

Can’t wait to sweat with you guys for the next 21 days ! You know… 21 days form a habit, so get on it!!!!

Any questions – let me know! 

PS. If you’re looking for somewhere to start with workouts, I’ve got a couple options for you! 
?Beachbody On Demand – my fave option! I’ve been doing CoreDeForce for a month and I’m ADDICTED. But there’s tons of options and there’s a ridiculous deal going on right now – for 100 bucks you have access to every Beachbody workout out there
?Tone it Up – these gals are wicked. And a lot of the workouts on here are free!
?Kayla Itsines – Haven’t done these myself but I’ve heard amazing things.
?And then of course, there are some options right here, on! 🙂 

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