Monday, April 15, 2024

A new dog rescue + Los Cabos AMAZINGness

Seriously, I can’t believe our vacation has come and gone already! I mean, you amp yourself up for SO long… get all prepped and ready to go with cleanses, workouts, new bathing suits, cute dresses etc etc, and bam… the week is over! But what a time we had!!! 

More on the vacay and some of the workouts we did after, but I want to first talk about one of my FAVE parts of the trip (okay, probably my fave part of the trip lets be honest.. haha). My Aunt and Uncle came to this resort a couple months ago, and told us that we need to check out a hike called Mount Solmar. She said it’s a beautiful hike, and the best part is, the base of the hike is on a small dog training facility/rescue. Ummm, WHAT ? Hiking AND a plethora of dogs to play with? This place was MADE for me!

We called ahead, like we were advised to do, to let Enrique know we were coming and he greated us very happily. He told us all about what he does there. He boards dogs while people are away, he trains dogs that are having socialization/potty training/walking/aggression issues, AND he will take dogs from the shelter or ones that have been surrendered from owners, work with them and adopt them out FREE OF CHARGE!


We had an amazing couple hours here to say the least. The hike was absolutely beautiful. Not super challenging until you get to the last 1/4 or so and then you’re climbing up rocks and things. Totally worth it though – gorgeous at the top!

We did spend a ton of time at the bottom though chatting with Enrique and playing with the pups. He told us about all of them, what they were doing there, how the training was coming etc etc. When we were there, he had 3 that were for adoption. We stopped back in to visit 2 days later since we were back in town, and one had already been adopted out. He works fast!!! Which is amazing for the pups looking for homes!

Currently he has only 1 that is still looking for his forever home — Nacho.

This sweetheart is a Chihuahua mix. He was out playing when we were there for a little bit, but was on a time out when we got back from the hike because he took himself for a walk! haha SUCH a sweet boy though. 

Like I said, there is no adoption fee for these little angels, just the hope that they will go somewhere that will love them for the rest of their days! If you or anyone you know might want to give Nacho a home… please let me know πŸ™‚

I also told Enrique that I’d love to keep up to date on any pups he is having trouble finding homes for and help however I can.. so keep your eyes open for some more Mexi-mutts that need somewhere to go!

Alright, so back to a little vacay summary.


Greg and I have been blessed enough for the last 6 years to do alternating vacations – we do one year with the Bickell family (which includes my mom, dad, bro, bros girlfriend, sis, and sis’ fiance who also happens to be Greg’s best friend haha) then we do one year with the Gnys family which has changed a little bit in the last couple years since our lovely nieces have joined us!! So the Gnys side is even bigger!

ANYWAY. Amazing week away. First time in Cabo and it didn’t disappoint! We stayed at the Riu Sante Fe and it was beautiful. It has a stunning infinity pool overlooking the ocean and it really is beautiful.


Our weather was absolutely perfect every single day. 30+ and super sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Glorious.

It was also Leanne’s first vacation with the Bickell fam, and it happened to be her birthday during the week we were gone. Splendid!

She took her birthday shot like a CHAMP!

We did a workout every day, like we always do while we’re away. This way, we can eat and drink as we please and not feel as guilty. It is vacation after all!

Here are a couple of the workouts we did.


Honestly, I have so many more pictures I wanted to share, but the internet connectivity is so poor right now, if I have to wait for another photo to upload I am going to pull my hair out!!

Thanks for reading about our trip – and please let me know if you or anyone you know wants to welcome Nacho into your home! 
I want to go back already…

Happy (almost!) weekend!

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