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My first experiences with LIVE CLEAN products

 Ohhhhh my goodness you guys I am super pumped about these! 

So I am always on the hunt for good cruelty free, natural products. But the problem is they’re usually SO expensive! I have no problem paying a little bit more, because I do believe in the good old saying ‘you get what you pay for’… but sometimes I do feel like these natural/cruelty free companies are gouging us a little bit. Live Clean is different! 

These products are absolutely fantastic, and they AREN’T double or triple the price of their non natural/animal tested counterparts (which I LOVEEEEE). The wonderful folks at Live Clean sent me out a little sampler pack of some of their best selling products. I emailed them to tell them how stoked I was on their shampoo, and that I was going to do a blog post on it because I was so pleased, and they sent me a few more things to review — amazing!

I have to preface the rest of this post by apologizing because for some reason I am still having trouble with my photos uploading. It’s SO FRUSTRATING. I would have had this post done weeks ago but the photos kept giving me trouble and finally I said screw it, I need to do the post anyway. So I’ve borrowed photos from the Live Clean site for now, so you can still see what I’m talking about.

So – why am I all about this brand? Their ‘why choose live clean‘ page says it all.

“We only use plant and natural sourced or non-petrolatum ingredients that are renewable and sustainable. We donโ€™t use anything that will deplete our natural resources.  Weโ€™ve formulated all our beauty and personal care products without the still commonly used chemical ingredients โ€“ like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Diethanolamine (DEA), silicones and phosphates. And our products are free of parabens and other harsh preservatives.” 

*Made With Minimum 97% Plant and Natural Ingredients / Petrolatum Free

*Live Clean uses plant sourced, renewable, sustainable and non-petrochemical based ingredients

*Recyclable Packaging / Biodegradable Ingredients

That right there is amazing…. and the best part… of course, they’re cruelty-free! WINNING!!!!

Ok, so lets talk about some of the things I’ve tested out.

Travel Kit Essentials 

This is SO PERFECT for people like me that are on the go all the time. Honestly, I HATE having to pack everything up all the time. So this is great. They stay in my travel bag, and I’ve got everything I need with me. I received my package from these guys right before my trip to Cabo, so all of these came with me. I’ll talk about a couple of the individual products below, although the Night Cream and Facial Scrub I don’t have in full size so I’ll highlight here.

Night Cream — It’s actually quite light feeling for a night cream which I don’t mind. Some night creams I find really heavy when you first put them on, but this one is good! It does still moisturize well though, so I wake up feeling fresh and hydrated (my face, I mean!)

Facial Scrub – This product is magical! I am not one for using face scrubs all that often because to be honest, I’m just too lazy. I forget about them. But this travel size was great because it sat on our counter while on vacay, so I used it every day ! Which is so important when you’re in the sun all day… even though I try to keep my face covered, I’m still putting sunscreen on a hundred times a day, so it’s nice to get a good scrub. When I used this and then put the night cream on… O.M.G. My face was softer than a baby’s butt. Seriously!

Biotin Shampoo

So I had already tried the apple cider vinegar shampoo and LOVED it… so I knew I would really like the Extra Body Biotin one too. Anddd I did. Soooo much softness and shininess to my head these days! haha. Just today actually my sister in law complimented me on how good my hair looked! It foams up really well, which I like. I’ve had some natural shampoos that don’t foam up – there’s something about that foaminess that makes my head feel more clean.

  • TIP – If you have a dry scalp like me, you don’t need to buy Head and shoulders, just add a little bit of tea tree oil to your fave shampoo. It will alter the smell for sure, but it will help with a dry scalp!

Biotin Conditioner 


I use a really small amount of conditioner because otherwise my hair gets greasy! But this stuff is fab. It makes my hair feel silky smooth, and really shiny – but no greasy residue. LOVE!

 Face wipes 

These are a must for me! I LOVE love love having wipes handy! I do make my own eye make up remover pads (with some coconut oil, baby shampoo, water and a little essential oil), but for the rest of my face, these are soooo wonderful. I guess they’re mainly supposed to be used when travelling, or if you’re feeling greasy? Good after/during a flight? But I use these when I’m too lazy to wash my face with cleanser and a cloth. They’re awesome! And they’re not too drying either. I find some a little harsh.

Daily moisturizer

This, like the night moisturizer I find fairly light. And I’m no moisturizer connoisseur, but I do know what I like and what I don’t. This is definitely hydrating and packs enough punch to keep my face from feeling dry, but it also absorbs into the skin quickly and easily so I can apply my make up on top fairly quickly! My only request that would make this even better… add some SPF to it pleaseeee Live clean!! ๐Ÿ™‚  

Daily Cleanser,

Like I mentioned above, sometimes I’m too lazy to use a cleanser and I just use the wipes. But I ALWAYS make sure to remove my make up before sleeping! This is a GREAT cleanser. It foams up into a great lather and feels awesome on the skin. Just like with the scrub, my face really does feel fresh and clean after use. And also like the scrub, I don’t find it too drying at all. 

Body Oil

My girlfriend Laura introduced me to Body Oils YEARS ago. She loved the Neutrogena  one, and naturally I set out to look for a cruelty free, all natural one after falling in love with hers. This oil is sooooo so so so wonderful. My skin LOVED this while I was away on vacay AND when I came back. The sun is SO drying and this is extremely hydrating (duh! It’s an oil). But the nice thing is, it absorbs super quickly and won’t stain your sheets/clothes. My ONLY complaint with this product is it gets a little messy for travel. But how do you fix that really? Again… it’s an oil!

So where can you get these wonderful products? These retailers don’t have all products, but they’ve definitely got some!
– Shoppers Drug Mart
– Walmart
and my personal fave (I find they have the most selection) is!

Alright, I think that’s a good little summary on some of the products I’ve tested so far. I’m working my way through all of them, so stay tuned for more! 

One last thing – they have a WHOLE Baby Line too! So for those of you with little ones… have a look!!! There are tons of awesome options  ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you tried anything from Live-Clean that I haven’t listed? Would LOVE to hear about it!


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