Monday, March 4, 2024

Infinity Jars and why they’re amazing

Hey guys,

Happy Friday!!! Oh my goodness, it’s been a wee while since I did a Friday faves post, and I’ve got a couple comin your way in the next little bit for sure. Being back home in Ontario I’ve had to take time to get myself re-situated  and find some new fave things/places!

Anyway, I received a little package in the mail this past week and I NEED to tell you guys all about it!

So this company is called Infinity Jars , and just as you would guess… they make jars! All kinds, all shapes, all sizes… But not just any jars… these ones are different!! These jars are not only beautiful, but work so much better than your standard jar for keeping things fresh! 

Perfect for storing things like herbs, spices and TEAS!

Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely LOVE a good mason jar. They look so cute for DIY projects, pictures, overnight oat recipes and the list goes on! However, the transparent glass on these isn’t the most practical for things like tea, spices, or even face creams/oils that you want to keep away from light.

Vitamin C anti aging face cream that I would like to stay fresh and potent for my face!

They are:
– airtight and water tight not allowing anything to get in there (tested with my tea!)
– they have ultraviolet light proof technology allowing nothing to get in to harm whatever you’ve stored in them!
– because of the above points, they’re proven to preserve and rejuvenate freshness 

I wanted to share some pics and info on these awesome jars because really… they can be used for anything!!!

Above you can see I used the larger two for tea storage (if you follow me, you know I need a LOT of storage for my teas), and for face cream… 
The other two I received were more ‘tube’ style. So with these, I came up with a different idea — essential oil storage.

So the first one is a Lavender essential oil spray… Great for misting whenever you need to relax or calm down a little bit. I spray this one in my one pup’s dog bed if it’s noisy outside or if he seems kind of rattled. I don’t know if it helps him or not for sure, but he doesn’t seem to mind! haha 

Anyway, this is a great travel size bottle, and it will keep the integrity of the oil intact because it’s opaque!


The last one I received is a little travel size roller bottle. Again, these are PERFECT for DIY Essential oil projects. With this one, I mixed grapeseed oil (carrier oil) with frankincense. This combo is supposed to be good for combating wrinkles and helping to keep skin looking young! We’ll see… but at least I know the oil is going to be protected and the bottle is a great size for travel! #winning 

The last thing I wanted to point out was that these bottles/jars all come with their own labels. You may have your own to use, but handy to have them come with your order incase you don’t! I will be putting mine on now… but I figured the photos would look better without them.

Anyway… if you’re stuck on what to use to keep your items safe from light and air, and keep them fresh… check out Infinity Jars  for TONS of options. I am so impressed with these products, I can’t wait to test out some more. 

Oh, and as a side note.. one of the perks of staying at my parents’ place until my hubby gets back from BC… My super talented bro is here too, and he did all the pics for me πŸ™‚ So thanks Kurt Bickell for doing that! 

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies! 



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