Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Bodyweight legs workout

Hey guys! 

HOLY CRAP, can you believe it’s already DECEMBER???? OMG.

I seriously have no idea where the time has gone… but it’s my fave time of year. I just love it! One thing I will say though, is if there’s ANY time of year where workouts are SO important (in my opinion) — it’s NOW. Most people spend a LOT of time during the month of December eating (and not always healthy stuff), and drinking… LOTS of drinking. Mulled wines, eggnog, fancy cocktails, hot cider… ALL delicious… all not so great for the bod after a full month. 

SO… that said… it’s super important to try and keep up with your workouts. I am a huge advocate of enjoying the holidays to the fullest. I LOVE sweet treats, I LOVE all the fun cocktails and I love all the delicious holiday meals.

Anyway… I have a leg workout for you. It’s one I’ve posted on my instagram several times… and I’ve also included it in many of my challenges, but I’ve never done a blog post of it where I’ve broken it down for you. So – here goes.

This workout is awesome because you can do it with some weight if you want to, but it an absolutely be done bodyweight style, which means you can do it anywhere! (~NO EXCUSES~)


But first!

AH….. it’s been over two months!! I was waiting for the blog refresh to be complete! OMG. First of all… in regards to my last post MAX found a home!!!! He’s in a foster to adopt home which is AMAZINGGGGG!!!! 

(incase you didn’t see the post… here he is!)


I’ve been MIA the last little bit, which is SO terrible, but I have good reasons (which will be shared in another post)

Back to the workout!

This workout is countdown style… so as you can see you start with 100, and go all the way down to 10.


Start with 100 calf raises. If you can do them on an elevated surface that’s even better so you can get a nice full range of motion with your heels.


Then you’re going to do 90 squats. If you’re using weights – great! If you’re not, make sure to do nice low squats keeping the butt back, chest up, and knees behind the toes.


Next up – 80 front lunges OR walking lunges. Whichever you prefer. Make sure you’re getting that back knee nice and close to the ground … no cheating!


Following those… we move on to sumo squats. 70 of ’em! I love these! You’re going to point your toes out to the corners of the rooms and spread the feet to a nice wide stance. Sit your bum right down and as always – keep that chest up!



I also love these. You’re going to do 60 glute bridges. You can put your feet up on just about anything. Couch, bench, chair, a friend/spouse on all 4s for you… You can do this one with a weight if you’d like as well, just rest it on your hips. It seems easy.. but after 60, you should be feelin the burn in your glutes and hamstrings!


Next, we repeat calf raises. 50 this time!


For 40, we’re going to do curtsey lunges. If you’ve never done these, you’re going to lunge backwards and to the side, really focusing on the glutes. See my position in the picture and mimic that on either side. 40 total/20 per leg.


Almost done! For 30, we’re doing step ups. Again you can step up onto pretty much anything and we’re doing 30 total/15 per leg.


20 … hit up those squat jumps! So you start in a nice low squat position, and then explode up with your feet leaving the ground. Land, bend the legs and repeat x 20.


haha but yes… do 10 burpees to finish this workout off!!!

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. 
This workout should take you between 20-30 minutes I would say depending on speed/energy level.

This is honestly my go to when I feel like my legs need a nice little sh*t kicking! πŸ™‚
Today I actually did 5 assisted chin ups between each leg portion and it was a nice little addition to the workout since I’m working on my pull ups.

Anyway – would love to hear your thoughts and how long this challenge takes you! Enjoy!





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