Wednesday, May 29, 2024


Hey guys!

So this post is a LOT overdue- but I definitely wanted to do a little mini recap of our most recent trip to Seattle!

I wanted to wait until the refresh of the blog was done before posting! 


I wasn’t super keen to go anywhere… I was happy to have a nice little weekend in with the pups, kitties and Greg. But he found this RIDICULOUSLY adorable AirBnB and sucked me right in!!!  More on that in a sec.


We hit the road around 4pm and stopped in Bellingham for a quick snack. Whole Foods in the States is so much better than in Canada (In some ways!) Burrito bowl with a side of Seattle Cider… YES PLEASE! It was Friday after all πŸ™‚


ANYWAY, we make it to Seattle in great time and arrive at our Air BnB…. It was called the Tiny Sugar Shack. 


This would have been much more effective during the day. haha but look how adorbs.


The bed! SO COMFY!!! Loft style… about 3.5 feet off the ground with storage underneath.




Tiny little table, and a stove top for everything you need. 


The home owners built this little shack on their own… and the attention to detail is incredible!

img_7157       Greg found some toys to play with.


This place was too cute for words. Seriously! I just loved it. And the puppies did too!


The home owners had 2 indoor/outdoor cats that roamed around and they’re SO affectionate. This is Miss Fitz and she LOVED us. She was really curious about the pups in the TSS, but they never met. Even though our dogs live at home with cats, we didn’t want them to scare her or chase her. Ponzy the other kitty was super cute too, but not quite as social and harder to catch. I didn’t get a pic of her.

There was also a lovely lady named Tammy that lived in the carriage house in the back. It was just built, and she moved in just a few days before we arrived. She had an adorrrrable massive pup named Meeka… And unfortunately I didn’t get pics of either of them, but they made the stay there even better!

We found a couple places to hike with the pups (and handstand, obvs)


img_7163 img_7167

These were taken at Discovery Park. A great little spot to do a couple loops and what a gorgeous day we had for it. We went for breaky before the hike at Portage Bay Cafe. It was SO delicious. Not cheap… specially with the Canadian dollar being so poor right now… but SO good!!!


This SUPER strange statue was on the street we were staying. SO WEIRD!!!! We were walking with the pups and couldn’t believe it. I wish we would have taken a pic of it with one of us standing beside it, so you could see how MASSIVE it actually was. haha. SO strange.


Of course we hit up Pike Market while we were there. It’s amazing to me how HUGE this place is.

Highly recommend the smoked salmon (so expensive, but a really great treat!)

img_7175 img_7177

We walked around for quite some time – I got my beloved dried Granny smith apples (they’re SO TASTY and the stand has been there forEVER called ‘Simply the best‘ dried fruits). We also walked by a bakery and all I could smell was cinnamon bun. Any of you that know me, know that I’m not supposed to have gluten OR dairy… Pretty sure this bad boy is LOADED with both. However, I hadn’t had a cinnamon bun in like, 10 years… So I go one. I had only a few bites out of it because it was just so sweet, but what I had was AMAZING!!!! haha so worth the upset tummy.



It appears I got super lazy as the day went on, because we went to Fremont Brewing first, and I captured that… but didn’t really get much after this! haha Fremont is one of our faves though – such a cool space… and their outdoor can EASILY house as many people, if not more, than their inside space. So fun!!


We did go to a few other breweries that I failed to take pics at. Holy Mountain (we LOVE it there!!!!), Reubens, and Populuxe. All really cool spaces, and so fun for their own reasons! I believe all of them did serve wine or cider, too… which is great for us Gluten free folks!


Sunday, on our way out, we stopped at Ghostfish Brewing. My gluten free friends… this place will rock your WORLD. Not only do they have all gluten free beers (Yes, thats right… 100% gluten free, and ACTUAL BEERS!!!!!) ,but they have an extensive gluten free menu  too… including your fave traditional ‘gluten filled’ meals, like beer battered fish and chips!!! 

You guys… I first tried their beer about a year ago and I went nuts. One of their flagships, the grapefruit IPA is a staple in my fridge. And, they’re also the first gluten free brewery that brews a STOUT, that tastes like a STOUT!!!! It’s fantastic. (I know… only my gluten free friends are as excited as I am right now… the rest of you think I sound like a lunatic)

Anyway – Ghotstfish… check them out. They distribute all over the US now πŸ™‚


I know I am missing many important parts from our trip… but I really did get caught up in the moment and wasn’t so focused on taking pictures this time around – and sometimes – that’s what It’s all about… right? The hubs and I had a really great time just spending some time together us and the pups. It was great.

That said… Pedro and I could barely wait to get home to our couch to cuddle… and cuddle we did!


Thanks for reading! – I’d love to hear about your fave places in Seattle… incase we make it back!


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