Saturday, July 20, 2024

Meet Max! He needs a home!


This handsome boy is SO ridiculously adorable I can’t even stand it. Can you just look at those eyes? 


You guys… Oh my GOSH! Today I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Max, and his lovely foster mum, Kristen!

Wow. Max is three years old and just lovesssss attention! Such a sweetheart.

When we pulled up to meet Max, he was so excited to see that we were there for him. He came running over and very eagerly awaited some pets and kisses. One thing Kristen did mention is that although Max LOVES kids (and all people), he would be best suited in a household with older kids or adults only. He’s super affectionate, but sometimes doesn’t realize how big and powerful he is. Because of this, he could pretty easily knock the little ones over — just because he’s so excited to play with them.


We took Max over to a nearby park and he was chasing and playing his ball pretty much the entire time we were with him.

Sometimes his ball wasn’t even thrown for him.. he would just kind of push it around and chase after it. Pretty adorable. Max would do wonderfully in a home with a yard where he could romp around and play – since he seems to be happy on his own doing that! Doesn’t always need someone throwing a ball or playing tug with him. But if he did go to a home that didn’t have a yard, but took him out for lots of exercise – he would do just fine with that as well!

Kristen says that Max is such a people dog and he loveessss his cuddle time.

IMG_6387 IMG_3475 2 IMG_3474

He also loves to be outside as you can see, chasing his toys, and pretty much doing anything where he can run and play outside.


He is getting much better since working with his trainer walking on a leash. Kristen says she walks him with his harness on all the time, and with the leash around her waist. He’s super strong, so it just makes it easier to walk. 


The folks at Hug a Bull say Max is playful and curious and would strive in a patient forever home that is committed to helping him achieve his full potential. He is currently working hard on his leash manners, and just needs some small reminders every now and again to slow down a little bit! 

Max would likely to best in a home with a laid back female (with proper intros done) as he does really like to play. He’d be just find in a house as an only pup too. He’s just such a happy boy!

Max is fully housetrained and loves to relax in his crate while you’re away for the day; just leave him a Kong with a frozen treat inside and he’ll entertain himself for hours! Kristen says he really has no problem going into the crate at all… he’ll even go in on his own sometimes to sleep. He seems to be super comfortable in there.

      IMG_3476 2

Max really deserves a fantastic forever home. Kristen would love to keep him – she says he’s the perfect pup for her! But between working and being in school, she just doesn’t have enough to give him time wise, and financially (long term). She’s had time for about 3 months and she’s loving her time with him. In the short time she’s had him, she’s learned SO much about him (like he’s allergic to beef and chicken, but he will do ANYTHING for some Lamb!). Currently he’s getting about an hour and a half of exercise a day and he does really well with that.


This little man is such a gem, and he really deserves to be in an amazing home. He would be such a great addition to an active home, and you’d be lucky to have him. He’s waiting for you!! For inquiries about Max, please contact And even if you can’t adopt him, PLEASE share this post… You never know who might be looking for a good lookin fella like Max to join their family.

Thanks for reading. Max appreciates it! 🙂 





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