Monday, April 15, 2024

Back and Bi’s Tabata & Chocolate Mug Cake

Hey guys! Happy Hump Day!!!

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I have a couple fun things to share with you on this lovely Wednesday morning. 


I recently have been really trying to dial my eating back in. It’s really easy to fall off the wagon when things get busy. So many reasons to NOT follow a proper schedule and end up eating out all the time. BUT I have really been feeling tired, super sluggish and just blah lately. Usually when I feel that way a couple things need to happen:
>> I need a reset day (or weekend if possible!) when take time to clean, organize, and plan out my next few weeks of workouts
>> I need to take a look at my nutrition. What we put in our bodies is SO IMPORTANT for SO many reasons, but I really find         when I’ve have a bad stint with not eating properly (or having too much to drink), it puts everything outta whack.

ANYWAY – so that’s what I’ve done. Even though I am a nutritionist, I feel more committed to a plan when I PAY for it and someone else creates it for me. So I’m almost a week in to my new meal plan, and I love it. TONS of work (since I’ve been lazy this summer and have eaten out a lot) but I feel so much better about my life choices lately. haha 

Along with that, I’ve really locked in to my workouts as well, and I’m training regularly again with Greg in the morning (In addition to teaching our classes at Golds at night). 

On Monday, we did a Back + Bi’s class, and it was a tough one. Typically we always try and throw some HIIT into our classes, especially if we’re not training a big muscle group (like legs). So check out the video of a couple exercises that we inserted in between sets Monday night.

The exercises are:
> Skater Jump rows
> Fly jumps
> Jack hammer curls
> Switch jump curls 

And you can do them however you choose. Tabata is when work for 20 seconds, and rest for 10, and you repeat that x 8 (so 4 minutes total). So you could pair a couple of these together into a Tabata, or you could do each in it’s own, for a 16 min workout.

You could always just add in 30-60 seconds of these following each set of your back and bi’s.
So for example, if you did:
– Rows
– Deadlifts
– High pulls
then you did 30 seconds of skater jump rows at the end of the set.
Then you would repeat all 3 exercises, plus the skater jump rows for 2-3 more times. Make sense? 

It’s always good to add a component to your workout where your heart rate is increased, as it’ll boost metabolism and you’ll burn more calories that way!


I’m kind of addicted to these right now, since my plan is really eating pretty clean, and focusing on Macros… and these are pretty great if you can get them to fit into your macros for the day. Plus they’re pretty filling for the amount of calories they have!
I’m definitely still working on what works the best for consistency and taste… but here’s a first attempt.

IMG_6005 IMG_6006

You need:
> 1 scoop chocolate protein
> 1 tsp cocoa or cocao powder
> 2 tsp coconut flour (you could probably use any flour but I LOVE coconut and it’s gluten free!)
> 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
> glob of nut butter
> almond milk to taste (just to make it the right consistency)

So as you can see in the pic on the right… it didn’t actually make a real ‘cake’ consistency and I’m not sure why. Not enough flour, too much almond milk, not enough baking powder… all of the above?  TASTE = great! Consistency = needs some work.

Either way, give it a go!
This recipe is great because it’s gluten free, vegan, and there’s no added sugar! (A lot of mug cakes call for bananas which are delish, but when I’m having it as a night time snack I don’t want the extra carbs/sugar.

Would LOVE to hear what recipes you’ve tested out for mug cake/brownies!
Have a great rest of your week!


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