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Feature Post — ROSIE needs a home!!!

Hey you guys! It’s Mondayyyy! And Happy July 4th to my American buds.

I am reposting this because little Rosie is still looking for a home. 

2016-05-25 16.41.24

Oh my goodness… this amazingly adorable little lady needs a home and I can not figure out why she hasn’t been snatched up yet. I had the pleasure of hanging out with her and my heart just MELTED. She is the sweetest thing ever. She gave me unlimited cuddles and was SO happy to be pet and just sit with me. I honestly couldn’t even handle how much of a sweetheart she is.


Right now she is being fostered with Home at Last rescue. Please check out her bio below, and please PLEASE Share her story. This little lady deserves a better life than she’s had thus far. Sadly she is stuck in boarding right now, and her time could be running out. I am tearing up just sharing that.

Here’s a little video where you can see how adorbs she is.

Here’s her bio:


‎My name is Rosie. I am a beautiful and impossibly loving 5 yr old‎ medium size (48 lb) female lab/staffordshire terrier ‎cross. I have an unequaled adoration of people and love everyone I meet. In fact I have never met a person I didn’t like. Even perfect strangers will always be greeted with a wiggling body, a wagging tail and my brilliant 100 watt smile. The only thing that would make me adore you even more is if you have food or treats for me. You see I went through a period of near starvation in my past and as a result I am very food motivated. I will do anything for food but prefer just to eat it. Despite my food obsession I am so gentle and loving that you can take anything out of my mouth and still have all five fingers. And when I am bonded to you, if I had to pick food over being with you, I will pick you every time. Even though I went awhile without enough food, I have gone even longer without love and human companionship which is more important to me than anything. Sadly, I have never had a family or even a person to call my own. It is what I dream of every single moment of the day. As you can see from my video (link below), I am so happy just being with people. 


I have had a hard life up til now. I was being used as a guard dog at a warehouse in Asia where I was kept 24 hrs a day in a small metal cage. But because of my desperate need for human company I was very bad at my job. I would greet everyone with an open heart and a joyful expression, hoping each time that I would be rewarded with a gentle touch or a kind word. When the business went bankrupt, I was abandoned to fend for myself. I wandered around the deserted warehouse with no food or water. To survive I had to begin exploring the surrounding village and woods which exposed me to the harsh cold winter temperatures as well as many feral dogs also struggling to survive. It was very cold and with my very short coat it was impossible for me to stay warm. When I was eventually rescued I was emaciated, suffering from hypothermia and ‎had numerous wounds and scars on my face and ears from being attacked by other dogs who didn’t want me entering their territory. This has caused me to be afraid and defensive around other dogs and I will react if another dog gets too close to me. The good news is that I don’t need to go for walks. I am perfectly happy with a back yard to play in and a couch to lie by your side on. I am the perfect dog for anyone who would love canine companionship but can’t or doesn’t want to take a dog for daily walks. (I had enough of that when I was wandering the forest trying to stay alive). Of course I am happy to go on walks but it is best if we do so where we won’t meet other dogs. I haven’t been seen around cats to know how I would be with them though but I can be tested with them if needed.


I am a very easy care, low maintenance girl who just wants the one thing I have never had – someone of my very own to love. Because of the neglect and hardship I have experienced I am very appreciative of every kindness. As I am currently being boarded at a kennel, I am available for anyone who would like to foster to adopt me.

I hope and pray the right person sees how much love I have to give and how much joy I will bring to their lives and will give me the first home I have ever had. I am very healthy, spayed, microchipped and up to date on my vaccinations. It costs nothing to foster me and my adoption fee is by donation. 


DSC00242  IMG_4530

Please contact if you want to inquire about this gorgeous girl.

Thanks for reading!!!

Have a great week! xo

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