Monday, June 24, 2024

Joffre Lakes hike & the perfect snack to bring

Happy Monday y’all!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 7.31.49 AM

What a weekend we had. We’d been planning to do Joffre Lakes with friends of ours for ages, and we planned this weekend away 3-4 months ago to ensure it happened. I am so glad we set aside the time!!!! This is definitely going to be more of a picture book than a blog post since I have NO words to better describe what we saw than just showing you some amazing photos.

First though… I need to share a recipe of some perfect little power balls I made to bring on the hike with us. My girlfriend Sarah (she’s the adorable little preggers gal you’ll be seeing pics of in about 10 seconds) introduced me to this recipe and I just LOVE it. I don’t even have a decent pic to post of these Coconut Cashew energy balls since we were too busy eating them – but check out the recipe here.

Alright… now on to the hike pics!

IMG_3485  IMG_3491  IMG_3496 IMG_3502 IMG_3505  IMG_3509 IMG_3511 IMG_3513 IMG_3524

Are you kidding me with this scenery? It was actual surreal. So beautiful.

 IMG_3526 IMG_3528

IMG_3532 IMG_3534IMG_5082IMG_5079 

The boys (And Oaklee) taking in Lake 3 –  and a little shameless promo for Big Rock

IMG_3540 IMG_3544 IMG_5108

Rockin my new Under Armour backpack and LOVING it.

IMG_3550 IMG_3557 IMG_3564

Are you kidding me??? Look at this girl and her adorable bump. Almost 8.5 months along and she absolutely TRAUMED this hike. Champ! I hope I am as active as you when I’m pregnant.


IMG_5087 IMG_5112IMG_5090 IMG_5123  IMG_5100 IMG_5128IMG_5094 IMG_5126 

Like I told you… more of a picture book than a blog post… but what could I possibly say that is better than looking at these pics? Seriously!

Can’t wait to head back and do this hike again.

Hope you have a wonderful week leading into Canada’s BIRTHDAY and a longggg weekend! 


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