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TAKE ME HOME!! — Featured Post — Wendy πŸ™‚

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UPDATED: Miss Wendy found a home for a little while, but her new owner unfortunately had circumstances where she couldn’t keep her. So Wendy is now finding herself again, looking for a place to call home. 

Please read her story… and share it!


Where do I even start with this little beauty?

I had the pleasure of meeting miss Wendy with a couple of my girlfriends.  Wendy is in a foster home with HugABull . I knew she was cute from the pics I had seen, but man – this little gal stole all of our hearts right away. She greeted us with a tail wagging so much her whole back and butt were wagging. She was so excited to have visitors.

Her foster mom Ciara invited us in, and right away Wendy hopped up on the couch beside Lorelle and Morgan. She sat in between them like a little human. She gave them a couple non invasive licks, and made it clear she would like to be pet. She put her paw up on Morgans arm and just sat contently.

photo 3

Lorelle wanted to get in on the action clearly, as she felt slightly left out, and Wendy happily obliged. She gave Lorelle her paw like a little princess.

photo 4 photo 5

We sat and chatted with Ciara for a little bit and got the scoop on Wendy. Ciara couldn’t say enough good things about this happy little pup. She told us she is SO calm, really easy to care for, super laid back and not very noisy at all! Wendy has been with Ciara for about 1 month, and the first couple days she had her, she suffered a little bit from separation anxiety, but has gotten SO much better and can be left for up to 7 hours or so on her own. Of course, the less amount of time she is alone the better, but she’s doing really well. She’s also on some all natural anxiety medication to help with this!

photo 5

After all, who would want to leave that face for more than a couple hours at a time anyway? right?

Ciara let us know that Wendy listens really well also! If she’s up on the couch and you want her on the floor, just let her know and she’ll get down. Likewise if she’s trying to snuggle in bed with you (which she LOVES to do) but you’re just not havin it… no problem – Wendy will be happy sleeping on the floor beside you, or on the couch on her own.

photo 1

Wendy walks pretty well on a leash and really enjoys her outside time. She does need small reminders sometimes to not pull, but once you give her a little tug, she’s got it down and will walk nicely. She does have a high prey drive, so something to be mindful of when walking. She likes to chase squirrels and rabbits.


As mentioned, Wendy loves her outside time and she loves to play! Wendy is estimated to be around 8 or 9 years old, but you can’t tell at all! She’s so full of life and spunk and isn’t showing any signs of aging (with the exception of the cute little grey patches around her nose!)

This little lady is great with people. She loves everyone!! Wendy is really gentle with kids. She’s been exposed quite a bit and is really tolerant and seems to enjoy their company. She would do well in a home with a laid back male, or as the only pet.



Wendy also LOVES going for car rides. When we were leaving,  she tried to drag Ciara right into the car with us. She looked so sad to not be coming. She sleeps really well at night and will wait until you’re up and moving to ask to be taken out.

Right now she gets taken out 3x a day. Usually for at least a half hour or so each time. While she loves her walks, she really enjoys time just lounging in the yard as you can see above.

photo 2

This gal is truly a gem — she is so sweet, calm and genuinely just seems to love being around people. She’s a little cuddle bug and just wants to love you!!

PLEASE please please share Wendy’s story with anyone you can. She is such a sweet girl and deserves a fantastic forever home.

Again – who wouldn’t want to come home to that face?!?


Wendy appreciates  you sharing her story, and she can’t wait to meet you soon!!
To inquire about Wendy, please contact!



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