Monday, April 15, 2024

Friday Faves – Kombucha, Snacks and a BRAND NEW CIDER!

Hey you guys! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.47.12 PM


So first of all… a couple people mentioned that my pics were upside down in a couple of my recent posts (woops!)
However on my end (on my phone/computer) they aren’t! They look right! So I’m trying to figure out what may have happened there, but apologies for the wonky pic posting in the meantime!

I’ve missed a couple Friday faves! It’s been so busy at our place – we had my little bro staying with us for 6 weeks, and my mum in law was also visiting over a portion of that time as well. So it’s been a little nutty. I am hoping to be back into the normal swing of things very soon!

ANYWAY. I have a few things for ya this lovely Friday morning.

  1. Dr. Brew Kombucha


Wow you guys. Obviously it’s no secret that I love the booch… but this stuff is next level.
1) because it’s all natural and organic
2) it’s NOT sweet like a lot of the other kombuchas out there
3) it’s HOPPED (well this flavour is). It reminds me of delicious IPAs, but it’s SO much better for me!!

Greg and I are taking a trip to Oregon in a couple weeks and I am SO stoked to be able to go and check out the Townshends Tea shop & brewery.

#2. Late July

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.00.14 PM(pic borrowed from Late July’s instagram account)

OMG. These chips are SO ADDICTING!!!!! They’re quite a bit better for you than the standard ‘chip’. Most of them have ~70% organic ingredients, and they have way less fat in them than the standard chip.
>> all natural
>> non GMO
>> certified gluten free
AND – they donate 10% of their profits to saving the planet! Super rad! 

LAST, but certainly not least…. 

#3. Big Rock PEACH cider!!!!! 

Photo Cred: Johnny Belfast

This cider just hit the stores this week and holyyyyy smokes you guys it was worth the wait!!! I was never a huge cider lover before working at Big Rock because most of the ones I tried were just too dang sweet. Well Rock Creek only has 3-5g of sugar per can (which is INSANELY low compared to many on the market) and it’s super delish!

The peach smells SO aromatic when opened, and it does kinda seem like it’s going to be sweet based on the aroma, but it’s not! It’s got a touch of sweetness at the beginning and a nice dry, crisp finish! This is absolutely going to be a staple in my fridge this summer, and I promise you once you try it, you’re going to need more!

What do you guys think?
Any of you tried any of these faves of mine for the week?

Happy weekend, Loves! 


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