Saturday, July 20, 2024

7 day #yogaandtea challenge

Hey loves!

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Alright so here it is. The challenge I was telling you about earlier this week with me, and Teaja Tea. What’s not to love?… it’s yoga, and tea!


What does this challenge look like? 
Honestly, one of the easiest challenges ever – only 7 days, super easy to follow, and it’s just 1 quick pic/pose attempt per day! (notice I said ‘attempt’… More on that in a sec!)

I’m going to post a yoga pose with it’s matching tea each day (I’ll post it the night before for the following day). Eg: Day 1 is side crow, and the tea is detox.
I’m going to post a few fun facts about the tea, and also about the pose and why it’s good for you, why the two go together etc, and you’re going to give it a go!

I will definitely give modifications for each pose, and just remember – do what you can do. Do what feels comfortable in YOUR body on that day. Just because you can usually do side crow, or handstand etc, doesn’t mean your body will feel good doing it each day. Listen to your body, and do what you can. It’s all about the attempt, and understanding the importance of the pose πŸ™‚

What you need to do to participate:
>> make sure you’re following me @andreagnys
>> make sure you’re following Teaja Tea @teajatea 

When you’re posting your pic of the day:
>> Tag me
>> Tag Teaja tea
>> use the hashtag #yogaandtea, and anything else you want to use!
>> Extra entries for reposting any of the posts from day 1 – 7 of the challenge! Just be sure to tag me so I can see that you’ve reposted! 

So WHY are you going to participate in this challenge? Well… Easy. Teaja makes AMAZING, high quality, ORGANIC, loose leaf teas, and they’re going to give away one of their adorable little wellness packs to one of YOU… just for participating in a week of Yoga posing with me! 

IMG_3911 IMG_3912

This pack includes:
All 5 of the wellness teas – Tummy, Detox, Cold, Calm and Sleep, as well as a pack of their tea bags (that have a drawstring on them so you don’t lose any of the leaves – KEY!)

Follow along with me over the next week so you can learn all the benefits of the yoga poses we’re going to check out, as well as their corresponding tea blends and how they can help YOU in your day to day lives! 


Show me what you’ve got, starting tomorrow!



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