Sunday, May 26, 2024

How to plan ahead like a PRO!

Happy Hump Dayyyyy!!!!

We had quite the class tonight at Golds. Everyone was SUPER sore from our Monday Legs and Shoulders workout



It was one of those workouts that didn’t seem THAT tough while we were doing it, but hooooooolyyyyy am I feeling it today.

That said, today we focused on back, chest and arms since the legs were dead.


Anyway… Moving on!

I’ve talked before about getting into a routine, and making things a habit – so I am going to stay on that same wavelength and talk for a minute about how important the planning is!


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.43.12 PM

The quote above could not be more true. So it’s Sunday night, and you know you should put something together for your lunch for tomorrow, or even maybe take some meat out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow night – but you decide to sit on the couch and have another glass of wine instead. Monday rolls around, and because you didn’t pack a healthy lunch, you end up grabbing fast food because you’re ‘sooooo hungry’ and that is what your body was craving, and then for dinner, you decide to have a frozen pizza and a half of a bag of chips. Prepping all those veggies you initially told yourself you would have for stir fry was absolutely out of the question because you are just so exhausted from all that is Monday. And likely from the terrible lunch that you had – let’s be honest. Does this sound familiar at all? We’ve all been there. 

What should you be doing to plan ahead? 

Plan your meals
Try to decide as best you can what you want to have throughout the week.  
Get your groceries based on the meals you plan to have throughout the week and try to stick to that plan. This way you won’t over shop. Make things like quinoa, or chicken breast on Saturday or Sunday. These things can be stored in the fridge and used throughout the week. Anything that you can pre-prep, DO. Anything you can pre-portion in tupperwares so you can just grab and go, make that happen! Quick and easy is what we’re after here.

Healthy snacks are key 
It’s great to get a variety of veggies, fruits and healthy snacks so you don’t get stuck in the car or out and about, starving, with nothing to eat! Trail mix is an awesome option to always have on hand – but don’t buy it, make your own! All you need is a few different kinds of nuts (cashews, walnuts and almonds are a few of my faves), throw in some dried fruit (like cranberries or goji berries), and if you really have a sweet tooth, add in a FEW dark chocolate chips. Voila! A healthy but filling snack to hold you over til your next meal. 

What are you ‘training’ tomorrow?
Decide what sort of workout you’ll be doing AHEAD of the time you plan to do it. Maybe you’re one of those people that goes to classes every day. This makes it pretty simple because all YOU need to do is decide which class you want to go to, and know what time it’s at. If you are doing your own workout, decide what you’re doing before it’s actually time to train. 

I know I am bad for this if I don’t prep the night before, I’ll wake up and decide I just want to ‘stretch’ for a half hour. This is fine once and awhile, but not every morning!! If you aren’t comfortable putting your own workout regimens together, here are a couple fab resources for you to check out. No excuses, remember? 

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.58.47 PM  

1. The Ugi home system!!! Yes, you need a piece of equipment… but it’s a fantastic one. SO versatile. It’s so great to follow, you don’t really have to think about it, just push hard… for 30 minutes!

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.14.03 PM

2. Check out the instagram challenge, #sweataday, by Shauna Harrison. Search her at @shauna_harrison, and learn all about it. She posts a new exercise every day – incorporate it into your workout, or make that your workout. Easy. Done!

3. offers a ‘workout database’ where you just go to their workout database page, fill out the info, and away you go – it spits out a workout for you.  Genius!

4. If you don’t have weights (or have minimal equipment) and are trying to workout at home, check out the Pinterest  workout page. There’s lots of great ideas on there!

5. YOGI? Try Do Yoga with me… online! – these ones are free all the time. Love it!

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.17.10 PM

6. Looking for a mix of all of the above – check out our workout pages of this blog!! There’s a good mix of all different kinds of workouts right here –  many of which you don’t need any equipment at all. 

What are your go to tips? I would love to know how you guys stay active and get your workouts in, no matter what!


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