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The ‘No Excuses’ Workout plan

 So – you’re packing up your bags and headed on vacation. You’ve been working hard the last few months to get your bod in tip top shape for the beach (wedding, reunion etc). What’s going to happen when you get there? Likely, there are going to be lots of options for delicious sugary beverages, and fatty, savory snacks. What now?

 One of the things I think we’re all guilty of is working super hard towards a specific goal (usually for an event of some kind), and once that event arrives/passes, we fall off the wagon. We think “oh, well I worked so hard the last little while and I looked good… I deserve a little break with some indulgences now”. Then we think “I’ll get back on track next week, just going to take a little break from being so ON”. And that ‘break week’ turns into ‘break month’, and so on. You see where I’m headed… it’s a vicious cycle.

So how do we fix this? Well… the best thing to do is to try and form a habit; something that we just do, without even thinking about it. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit or routine – 21 days before this behavior we’re trying to adapt to becomes second nature. Let’s get on it.


One of the ways we can get in the routine of always incorporating a workout into our day, is having quick, easy to execute and weight-free sweat sessions on hand to pick from. Greg and I were able to do a workout every single day on our honeymoon (and on all of our vacations really) because even on those days where we were eager to get out in the sun– we’d do a 10 minute bodyweight crusher on the beach. No excuses.
A couple tips to ensure your workouts are a priority – on vacation and just day to day:
* Try to get it in first thing in the morning.
This may be tough for those of you that don’t like to see the sunrise, but it’s really the only way to be sure that nothing else gets in the way of your workout! When you wait until later, things are always going to come up and give you a reason why you shouldn’t do your workout
* Workout with a buddy.

Hold each other accountable. I know this works for my hubby and I because if one of us gets up when the alarm goes off, the other feels lazy and will get up as well. Set a date with someone and hold each other to it!! 

* Plan Ahead.
Whether at home or on vacation, set a goal and try to stick to it! Ie: We’re on vacation for 7 days and we’re going to do a workout at least 4 of those days
* Key mentality
Something is better than nothing – This is so true and so important to remember. Don’t think that doing 10 minutes of a workout is the same as doing nothing. It’s not!!! Get that 10 minutes in!

Here are a couple examples of body weight workouts that you could bust out anytime you’re feeling in a pinch.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.57.01 PM
Workout 1
10 dips on the UGI:No Ugi option – do on stairs, an elevated surface, or on the ground
15 burpees: Military style if you can, which is where you lay your chest and belly onto the ground in between each one
20 supermans: Laying on your belly on the UGI, arms and legs rise up to focus on glutes, lower back and hamstrings. No UGI option – try it on the floor
30 in and outs: In a plank position (straight arms on the Ugi), jump feet in between hands and back out to plank, repeat. No Ugi option – put your hands on the floor instead
40 squat jump/low squat pulse holding Ugi : Low squat pulse is staying nice and low in the squat position and just pulsing up and down (this is a lower impact option). No Ugi option – do it with just bodyweight
50 true mountain climbers on Ugi : Foot comes all the way up beside hands and touches the floor each ‘climb’. No ugi option – put your hands on the floor instead

 >> Repeat 3-5 rounds depending on ambition

Workout 2
As many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes
You’re going to perform 15 of each of the following
Military style burpees: burpee but instead of pushup, come down onto belly and then push back up to standing 
Leg lift with bum raise: regular leg lift but then raise the hips and the bum for an extra challenge 
Push up: drop to knees as a modification 
Jumping Squats: (air squat as modification if needed)
Dips: use anything you can find that is elevated (chair, step, box, couch) or you can do them on the ground and raise hips a little higher 
Plank Jacks: start in plank position (forearm plank) and hop legs out and back in like jumping jacks but on the ground 

 >> Repeat- for 15 mins

Workout 3
20 pushups (one arm on the Ugi for an extra challenge)
20 dips on the Ugi
20 bicep curls with the Ugi (squeeze ball between hands and curl)
20 leg lifts
100 mountain climbers with hands on Ugi

 >> Repeat x5 for 100 of each and 500 mountain climbers total

Here are a couple examples of workouts you can start with… but there are TONS of options out there if you’re stuck. Pinterest is great for bodyweight stuff 🙂

Would love to hear what your ‘go to’ is!?


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