Monday, June 24, 2024

Mount Baker weekend & Bodyweight Workout

Happy Tuesday you guys!

We had quite the weekend with my mum-in-law, bro, and all the pups in Mount Baker. This little cabin is amazing. We’ve stayed here once before and we were so excited to go back!



We went over on Friday and we spent a good part of the day in Bellingham (Greg’s fave place on earth! haha)

IMG_3700 IMG_3782

There’s a hike we always do with the pups that is beautiful, and then of course we stopped at Elizabeth Station to get some drinks to bring back to the cabin with us for the weekend.

Saturday morning we started the day with a workout (posted below), and some Kombucha.


We then got out for some exploring! We drove to the top of the mountain and couldn’t BELIEVE how gorgeous it was up there. Seriously breathtaking. 


We stopped at a little campground after to take the pups for some exercise. It was such a nice day!!

IMG_3729 IMG_3726

Following the ride to the mountain and the hike, we hit up Mt Baker Vineyards which is always a nice time! 

IMG_3734 IMG_3746 IMG_3785

Dinner time!!! Finally! We went to North Fork – which is not only a brewery, but a pizzeria, a beer SHRINE, and a Wedding Chapel? haha – what?!!?! It’s amazing here though. Great food, really good beer, and nice people.

he boys got a LOT of beer. A flight of 9!!!! Each! 

After dinner, we went home and had birthday cake for Oaklee! She is 5 already!!!!! I seriously don’t know how that’s possible.
Anyway – I picked up cake from Three Dogs Bakery on Thursday before we left. They did a great job with the cake, and oh my goodness the pups LOVED it. Pedro and Lu are somewhat picky eaters and they devoured it!!! They didn’t care for the hats, though.

IMG_3770 IMG_3766 IMG_3762        

Alright, now on to the workout we did on Saturday!! 

This workout is 20 mins long and focuses on Legs, Chest, Tri’s and Core. 

1. Squat Jumps
2. Squat to Lunges
3. Bottom hold squat jumps
4. Split jumps
5. Squat pulses 

IMG_3712 IMG_3714
Squat to Lunges                                                              


1. Full jacks
2. Close/wide step push up
3. Lat push ups
4. Military Extensions 
5. Cobras

IMG_3707 IMG_3706
Military Push ups

IMG_3709 IMG_3708
Lat push ups


1. Plank extensions
2. Diamond Push ups
3. Plank up-downs
4. Slow-mo dips
5. Top Dips

Diamond push ups    
Plank up downs

1. Alt split kicks with punch
2. Single leg split kick and hold 
3. Single leg split and hold
4. Horizontal flutter kicks
5. Leg lifts 

Horizontal Flutter kicks  
Alt split kicks with punch

Lastly – lets talk about outfit deets:
Greg: ShortsTank
ndrea: TankTights (similar and on SALE!) — Shoes 

That’s it, y’all!! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a killer start to your week! 
It was 30 degrees here in BC yesterday!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!

Oaklee says thanks for all the birthday love! πŸ˜‰ 



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