Monday, April 15, 2024

Joga in the AM & a rainy day outfit

Happy Tuesday!

Hope the week is off to a good start for you guys. 
I’m doing a ‘reset’ week this week, before Greg and I start hard into our training again.

We’re going to be doing the Insanity Max 30 workouts again. We’ve done them once before and absolutely loved them. Well – love/hate. But they’re killer workouts, so I’m excited to get back to them. Anyway, more on that next week.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.30.42 PM

For this week, I’ve downloaded Joga with Jana from iTunes to do at home, and I am STOKED. I’ve been wanting to do the teacher training for this, and incorporate it into our workouts, but haven’t had the guts (or $$$) to pull the trigger, yet. Anyway, I am doing to do these in the mornings for the rest of this week.  Check out her page for more info on what Joga is all about.


The thing I love about Joga (vs Yoga) is I find it really pushes my strength and core abilities… where sometimes regular yoga doesn’t. And I know a lot of you will argue that classes like ‘power yoga’ would, and I totally agree… but with Joga it’s a given. I’m going to be challenged, and I’ll likely be sore. I love that. She works with all sorts of professional athletes that swear by doing Joga. It also helps that she’s a total babe… super easy to listen to and she makes everything look easy and flawless! No wonder those boys love her classes! πŸ˜‰ 


Todays class was called Fire Starter. It was just over 30 mins long which is a great length for me. 

I also wanted to post one of my outfits from awhile ago with my little day of photos with Glenny. I love this outfit because it’s the perfect combo of casual and comfy, but not ‘sloppy’. If you live on the west coast, you know that rain is SUPERRRRR common here. So, a good set of rain boots is KEY.

Last year my little cousin moved here and I told her the ONLY thing you need to survive in Van is a good set of rain boots and an umbrella! I am all about bargain shopping, but when it comes to rain boots, these are TOTALLY worth the investment. I’ve included a link below under ‘boots’ and they’re on sale right now!


Everyone needs a couple staple plaid shirts. They look cute with just about anything and they’re so comfy. Mine was actually from Joe Fresh but they seem to be all sold out. I LOVE shopping at Joe – they’re Canadian! And they’ve got some really cute stuff for pretty reasonable prices.

Lastly – the tights. Ohhhh the tights. These guys are from Under Armour (obviously), and they’re my absolute FAVE.  They fit SO well… snug but no muffin top. They make your booty and your legs look awesome, and they can be worn with just about anything! I actually don’t wear these black ones to work out. I keep them to wear day to day because they’re so comfy and look great! The link is below.

     24882655976_3e8bfeeee3_z 24613465570_2c800a0607_z

Plaid Shirt (Similar)         Tights                Boots (Similar and on SALE!)

So now I ask you – what are your staples right now this time of year? 
Also – which Beach body programs are your faves, if you’ve done any? 


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