Saturday, July 20, 2024

TEALISH teas, for the WIN (And Happiest Birthday to my better half!!!)

It’s Sunday… the start of a new week… Some would say the first day of spring (Some say it’s tomorrow), and MOST IMPORTANTLY… It’s my better half’s birthday!!! 

First, I  need to talk to you about some tea. 

Recently, I received a lovely little package from one of my FAVE Canadian tea places. Tealish Tea (In Toronto, ON)


I’ve been drinking the Coconut Bongo  tea from here for years. I’ve posted about it before. Every birthday and Christmas, my mum-in-law gets me a couple HUGE bags of this tea to make sure I don’t run out. I have at least 1 cup of it every day.

Here’s a pic of the bag I get, with a banana… just to show you HOW BIG this bag is. 


If you’re a fan of coconut flavour, oolong teas, or BOTH then this is something you need to try, YESTERDAY. It’s amazing. Creamy, slightly sweet, delicious.


While we’re talking about oolongs… Tealish also makes an amazing MILK oolong. No, there is no actual dairy in the tea you guys, but it tastes fab. This one is also creamy tasting, earthy, and almost buttery. Perfection!


I have had many different milk oolongs, but this one by far takes the cake! And those leaves… look how pretty they look. They’re tight little balls until the water gets to them and they start to steep – then they open up absolutely beautifully.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 7.42.47 PM

FYI – fun fact about oolongs. These can be steeped multiple times. The 2nd and 3rd steep of oolongs are often better than the 1st one.

Tealish also sent me a couple other wonderful options.


Pomegranate Goji green tea in pre made tea bags! This is SUPER convenient for when you’re on the go all the time, like me! I do of course have the proper mugs and stuff to make tea in the car or wherever I am… but I love that these are already in bags. You still get the benefits of ‘loose leaf’ tea, since the bags are specially designed to let the tea steep properly… but you have the convenience of bags.


Genius, Tealish! Good for you. And in terms of the flavour of this green tea… right on the money! I am not a fan of super sweet teas, especially if I’m drinking them warm. This one has a subtle sweetness, but it’s not over the top!

Lastly, Lemon Meringue ‘dessert’ tea. Oh. my. GOSH. Full disclosure… I don’t even LIKE lemon meringue pie. This tea though… as soon as you open the bag (the aluminum bag that all the little bags are in)… unbelievable aroma! Lemon, vanilla, deliciousness.

     IMG_3349  IMG_3347 

These are also pre packaged in the little bags… WINNING. The flavour of this tea is also wonderful. Definitely a little bit on the sweeter side (hence the ‘dessert tea’), but it’s really not over the top. It’s wonderful. I could not be more pleased!!!

Thank you SO much Tealish for sending this lovely little package over to me… I can’t wait to place my next order!

NOW – On to the birthday boy!!!

This is Greg facetiming with his bestie last night - both of them shirtless. Why???
This is Greg facetiming with his bestie last night – both of them shirtless. Why???

So today, Greg turned 31. We are headed to Bellingham to do some brewery touring and hiking next weekend since it’s a long weekend… and that’s where we’ll really be ‘celebrating’ his birthday! That was what he wanted to do for it.

But for today, we (Kurt and I) asked what he wanted to do, and he wanted to have a chill day at home and brew some beer. So that’s exactly what he did.

Bday Brewing-1 Bday Brewing-3  Bday Brewing-2

I am so blessed to have spent the last 6+ years with this man, and I am excited for the next 50! 
Love you my little home brewer πŸ™‚



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