Monday, April 15, 2024

Upper Bod Workout & SO MUCH Under Armour love

Here’s a little Upper Bod workout I threw together for this AM. 

IMG_3311  IMG_3317 IMG_3314

Inverted row/in and out push up (Woss trainer)
DB rows/pike push up (Woss Trainer)
Stretch Band flies/chest press (Woss trainer)

Tricep extension (Woss trainer) /DB curls
Dips /Hammer curls
Curl and tricep kick back/curl and  tricep press up (stretch band) 

> 10 of each exercise
> move on to the next superset
> repeat chest/back circuit x 3, then move on to arms circuit

> If this is a part of your workout, the reps above will be perfect. If this is your entire workout, do the circuits 4-5 times, and end each circuit with 10 burpees!


Alright… now lets move on to sharing some UA love with you guys. If you follow my facebook/insta then you likely saw the ridiculous amount of love I was sent last week from my friends over at Under Armour

Greg was beyond excited because he got a little love this time too! 

e could not wait to rip into the boxes.

I mean, you know you’re spoiled when all your stuff can barely fit into the pic! 
Sports bra (Black and White) / Sports bra (Pink) / Sports bra (Black)
Undies /Undies Undies 
– The sports bras are amazing. Super comfy.. all different support levels for different activities.
– I have like 10 pairs of the undies. No lines, wicked comfy. I will say they are 1 size fits all which is interesting because I’m a Small and they’re fairly snug on me. Keep that in mind!


Tank top (Gray)/ Tank top (White) / Coolswitch T (Black) / T (Purple)
– The gray tank is flowy, asymmetrical at the bottom and really flattering
– White tank is a standard racerback that goes with everything!
– The purple T is wonderful material – soft and breathable.
– The black T is SO flattering on which is strange since I don’t typically love to workout in T’s… but this one is airy and looks adorbs. 

Joggers / Jogger Capri’s  /Wordmark Sweats
 Gray joggers are AMAZE. They’ve got pockets and they feel like butter on my skin. So soft. Slightly long in the torso though (I have to fold over)
– The capris are bad ass! Fit loose but awesome for kickin around in and still looking good

Crop Tights (Black) / Crop Tights (Blue) / Long tights (Black)
Tech shorts (Blue)  / Play it up shorts (Black)
– Black crops are SO flattering. They’ve got breathing ‘strips’ on the sides of the legs so you don’t overheat
– Blue crops fit great and stay UP! The material is light and flexible (not too rigid!) Will be ordering more colours!
– Long black tights are my go to (confession: I don’t wear these for working out — I wear them with boots and sweaters/long shirts to work!)

White hoodie / Big logo hoodie (Similar ** SALE **)
– The hoodies are so cozy. White one looks great with anything, blue one is warmer and has some water repellency to it!

IMG_3232 IMG_3231

OMGGGGG the shoes. You guys… haha this is my FAVE part. The pic of the high tops is missing… you’ll see those soon!
In order from left to right:
Speedforms – these shoes are my new faves so far in terms of colour AND comfort! That colour… you can’t beat it!
Slightshots – brand new shoe, just came out! Fits around your foot in such a wonderful, comfy way… 
UA Charged– These ones in my opinion have the most support out of all the ones pictured, so it’s great if you’re used to something with a little more cushion. 
Gemini Records
 – these are also BRAND new and sync up with the UA ‘Record’ app. I can’t give my honest opinion yet because I have to swap these out for a larger size unfortunately. The 5.5s just didn’t cut it for me! haha

Well… if you’re still with me.. thanks for checking this out! 

Long post, I know. But I had to give my thoughts on my new stuff so far… Any questions about anything, or if you’re going to order some stuff and just not sure what to get… Ask! Chances are I have it! πŸ˜‰

Happy Hump day!



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