Monday, April 15, 2024

Friday Faves – Rose Wine, Schmidts Deo & a GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Friday, loves!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. My friends in Ontario, I know you’re getting some crazy wonky (and lovely) weather. In Vancouver, not so much! My little bro arrived on Sunday and is staying with us for the next couple months. 


He’s experiencing the WORST time of year here. The time of year when it should be spring and nice out, but it’s still gross, cold and rainy. Welcome, Kurtigan! 

Alright – on to my faves for the week!

I need to share with you guys one of my fave wines. I am a red wine lover through and through, but last summer I really found I enjoyed a good rose. Not the sugar bomb ones… but a nice dry, well done rose. One of my absolute faves is the Kanasawa Rose.


I LOVE Kanasawa wines. The winemaker is the COOLEST dude, and he’s also the sales rep. This tells ya how small (for now!) the company is and how invested this guy is in his product. It’s so cool how he does it all (with the help of his wife!). He’s also got a bunch of reds and whites too. My other fave is the Ronin red (named after his son). If you’re a fan of reds, give this one a go. 

Anyway – getting off track. This rose is named Sakura, which he told us in Japanese means ‘Cherry Blossoms’. That is EXACTLY what this rose tastes like. Cherries! It’s a little tart, VERY slightly sweet, and perfectly flavoured. DELISH! We brought one of these bottles all the way to Hawaii to share with my inlaws actually — just goes to show how much we enjoy it!

#2.  Before I get into the Giveaway of SCMIDTs DEO.. I need to just share a couple pics of my pups.
We were away for 11 days from them and missed them SO much. They are such cuddle bugs and they are our ‘kids’ since we don’t have any human children yet. It’s so nice to be back with them!

IMG_3234 IMG_3239

They’re both still exhausted from THEIR vacay with our friends Mitch and Sylvie (they’re retired.. so the pups get non stop love and attention!) that they couldn’t have been bothered to take a pic for me tonight. Anyway – always love and appreciate your pooches. They teach us the meaning of unconditional love!!!

OKAY!!!!  On to the Schmidts Deodorant Review ANDDDDD giveaway!!!!

Okay so here’s what I know about Schmidts so far.

They are all natural
They are a totally vegan product
They are CRUELTY FREE!!!

This company was started by a woman named Jamie Schmidt that while pregnant was determined to use a natural, cruelty free deodorant that would WORK. As many of you may know, until recently, the natural deo’s on the market just flat out sucked. This one is different… I promise you. It actually WORKS! You guys know I’m a sales rep by day (constantly running around, lugging cases of beer etc) and at night I lead bootcamp classes (sweating some more!) I don’t have to reapply this stuff at all throughout the day and it keeps me dry and fresh!
I purchased their tub of Cedarwood-Juniper at the beginning of January to give it a go. It comes in a little tub with a mini spatula that you use to apply it. Using a dime(ish) size amount, you hold it in between your fingers for a few seconds and the deo melts a little bit – then you rub it under each arm. It’s not sticky, and it’s immediately dry.

One thing to note (and after reading the FAQs I know I wasn’t the only one) – I did get a little bit of a rash under my arms when I first started using this product. I’m confident (now, after speaking to the lovely team at Scmidts) it wasn’t because of any of the ingredients – but more just from the rubbing of it on my skin. This was a new process for me, so I think I was probably using a little too much product and not letting it melt sufficiently before putting it on. 

Anyway – I read their FAQ section which had some great tips, but I still wasn’t 100% sure what was causing my rash. So I emailed and mentioned that I was loving the product but that it seemed to be giving me a bit of a rash. The next morning I got a response from a lovely fellow named Chris. He directed me to the FAQ page, but also asked some other questions like how long have I been using it, what format is it in (stick or tub), and what flavour do I have? 

Following this, he offered to send me out a replacement – he said perhaps fragrance free might work well (incase it’s the scent in the product that is irritating my skin) – and he also suggested that the stick might be a good option too – perhaps a little less irritation from rubbing it on.

Within just a couple days, I had a package show up at the door with BOTH of the things he’s suggested – free of charge. Are you kidding me? 

 IMG_2585 IMG_2586 

I am in sales like I said, so I very much appreciate good customer service… and I can not say ENOUGH about my experience with Schmidt’s. As if they weren’t already awesome enough — they’ve offered to give away one of their kick ass products to one of YOU guys! If you’ve been interested in trying a natural deo but haven’t wanted to bite the bullet on it… well… now is your time guys!

It’s super simple. Same instructions as always!

>> Check out
>> Comment below and let me know which flavour and format you would most like to try
>> For extra entries, tag a friend on my Facebook or Instagram that you think might be interested in trying it! 

A winner will be drawn on Tuesday, March 15th. 

HAPPY WEEKEND, Friends!!! 


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