Monday, April 15, 2024

Friday Faves – Target, Outdoor workouts and Soda Stream

Happy Friday loves! And happy long weekend!


We’re headed to Bellingham first thing this morning to celebrate Greggie’s birthday. That is what he wanted to do – go to Bellingham for the long weekend and hit up all his favourite spots. Elizabeth Station, and all the Bellingham Breweries! (Wander, Kulshan, Aslan, Boundary Bay, Structure, Chuckanut

Anyway, more on that after the weekend.

On to my faves for the week!


Target bathing suits
With summer coming, I want to share how HAPPY I am with my target bathing suits. I wish I had more pics of just the suits from our trip… but I definitely recommend checking out the website.

 IMG_2699 IMG_3087 

Outdoor workouts

Also, with the warmer weather hopefully just around the corner… I’m feeling inspired to get outside a little more and do workouts out there! 

IMG_0146 IMG_0228

Here’s an example of one of the workouts Greg and I did while we were camping a couple years ago! It’s the Picnic table workout.

We also like to just hit up a playground and get to work from time to time! Why not!?

21640787838_768226bfc8_z 21828646315_ba919d5d71_z

Lastly, omg… how have I not shared my Sodastream with you guys?

(pic borrowed from the sodastream site!)
(pic borrowed from the sodastream site!)

This is SUCH a good investment if you’re a fan of soda water, perrier, or anything carbonated really. I like just plain old soda water with a little bit of lemon or lime… But if you prefer something more flavourful you can buy little flavour packets to go with it! I got the older version I don’t think they sell anymore (Sodastream Play) that was on sale for $60. You need to buy refills of CO2, but they last a really long time and they’re not expensive to replace. I was going through a case of Perrier every couple weeks, so this definitely has paid for itself, AND it’s much better for the environment so… win-win!

Anyway – that’s all for today, folks! Have a wonderful weekend!


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