Saturday, July 20, 2024

Friday Faves – Hawaii Workout Edition

Happy Friday!

I can not believe that we have only 2 more days here already. The total time of our trip was from Wednesday night last week to late Saturday night this week… so it ends up being almost 10 full days which is pretty awesome!

We’ve managed to get a workout in every day except for 1, and we’ll finish up our last 2 days with workouts in the morning. 

I wanted to share some of the workouts we’ve done while being here as my ‘Friday faves’ post this week. There are ALWAYS reasons why you can’t workout.
1. Not enough time
2. No equipment
3. Not enough space
4. Don’t know what to do… etc.

1. There’s always time, you just have to make it a priority.
2. You don’t need equipment, there are tons of bodyweight workouts to do. We have some on our blog , and you find tons on pinterest too. 
3. You don’t need a lot of space. A lot of the workouts Greg and I do you can do it in an arms reach of space.
4. This is the worst excuse of ALL time. Open a book, get online… there are MILLIONS of free workouts EVERYWHERE. Just search for them.


ANYWAY… Alright. Here’s some of the workouts we’ve done while we’ve been here.
The gym at the condo we’ve been staying at is fairly decent… it has dumbbells and a ‘multi-gym’  which is more than enough for what we needed. We had 5 of us in there a couple days and that proved to be a little challenging, but we made it work.


The Hawaii Half Hour
1. Alt Shoulder Press
2. In and out push up
3. Pig roasts
4. Palm out curls
5. Switch jumps
6. Alt snatches 
7. Reptile donkey push ups
8. crunch ups
9. Hammer center curls 
10. Front kicks
11. Alt front raises 
12. Pendulum buck pushups 
13. Atomic flutters
14. Atl center hammer curls
15. Iron legs
>> 20 sec on/10 sec off
>> repeat each exercise x 4 – move on to next exercise 

— This workout will take you 30 mins if you do exactly as instructed in terms of work time/break time — 


IMG_3092 IMG_3079

BACK & ARMS circuit


1. Lat pull down
2. Bent over DB flies
3. Supermans
4. DB plank rows
5. High pulls (with rope or bar)
 >> Do each exercise for 30 seconds, take 15 secs between exercises and use this as rest/transition time
 >> Repeat circuit 3-5 times

1. DB curls (both arms at the same time)
2. Hammer curls (both arms at the same time)
>> Do 10-12 of each at a challenging weight
3. Dips (weighted if you can)
4. Tricep DB push ups (overhead)
>> Do 15 of each at challenging weight
>> Rest for 30-60 secs and then repeat for 5 rounds 

IMG_3144 IMG_3147

Today we did a workout Shoulders/Legs/Chest workout that was as follows:

DB squat and press (10)
DB jacks (30 seconds)
Reverse squat and DB press (L) (10)
Lunge pulses with DB side raise (L) (30 seconds)
Reverse squat and DB press (R) (10)
Lunge pulses with DB side raise (R) (30 seconds)

Push up jacks 
Walking push ups
Lat push ups
Military push up with extension
Cobra push up
>> 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off
>> repeat each exercise x 2 and move on to the next exercise 

Repeat the whole circuit (shoulders/legs, and chest) x 3


We’ve also managed to use our Woss Suspension Trainer around the pool. I did bring it to the beach as well, but like a loser, I totally forgot to take a pic (#rookiemistake). 

IMG_3101 IMG_3098

Tomorrow, we’re going to do a cardio and core circuit as our workout buddies Amanda and Peter leave tomorrow night – so we need to send them off with a good one!!!

Happy weekend, loves!








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