Saturday, July 20, 2024

#riseandsweat winner!!! & Kip Moore concert

and the winner isssss………………. Amy Mez!!!!

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Amy posted regularly and random number generator drew #83.. and Amy just happened to be #83 !
It’s a good thing you won… because it looks like we need to get you a new pair of UA shoes (Nike??? NOOO!!!!)

CONGRATS AMY!! and thanks for your dedication. Hopefully your new outfit will motivate you to CRUSH that half marathon you’re training for! 

I can’t thank you guys enough for participating in my #riseandsweat challenge! I really do believe that getting up and getting your day going with a little sweat sesh (WHATEVER that might be to you!) is the best way to start the day. I ALWAYS feel more productive (and I actually AM more productive) when I workout in the morning!

Huge shout out to the folks over at Under Armour for being amazing and sponsoring this challenge — they’re just wanting you to find the BEST version of you and help support that after all! Pretty awesome if you ask me πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for another #riseandsweat challenge, coming later in the spring!! Now you know what to expect… so you can jump in with both feet! 


Now – I’ve gotta share about my night last night you guys, at the Kip Moore concert.  I went with my girl Morgan, and boy did we have a time.

Morgan is amazing and cooked me a delightful dinner (Salmon, Greek Salad and mixed roasted potatoes) – seriously – how this girl is still single BLOWS my mind. She’s a stunner and she can cook!!!! ha I was so hungry, I didn’t even take a pic of the dinner (and I definitely should have)

What I DID get a couple pics of though, is me and her beautiful pup Reese’s enjoying some cuddles on the couch, pre dinner. Would you just look at this sweet girl?

IMG_2926 IMG_2929 IMG_2944

Morgan said Reese’s knows I’m a ‘sweet soul’ because usually she’s a little bit cold to new people and takes time warming up. But she literally waited for me to sit down and hopped up beside me. She started with her head on my feet, then put her paws on my legs, and then she just full on crawled on top of me (last pic!) haha. WHAT A DOLL!!!!

We got to the concert just as the Cadillac Three were finishing up. They were good!
But then… Kip came on. Ohhhhhh my goodness. haha it was everything I hoped it would be and more!! haha
That mans voice is somethin else. It’s so raspy and deep… but surprisingly smooth at the same time. How is that possible?
He played all of his hits… and a couple covers (Like Jimmy Eat World – the middle! – So random and awesome!)

Kip also stayed at the end of the concert and signed things for anyone who stayed to get things signed! I would have loved to, but there were SO many people there, so we opted to leave. Sad about that – yes… a little! BUT it just means we’ll have to go see him again! Really seemed like a cool dude.

When he came on for the encore, there were people starting to leave and he TOTALLY called them out – told them to sit their asses back down ‘because this shit aint over yet’! haha . It was actually hilarious because most of them turned around and sat back down. 

IMG_2946 IMG_2938

I also just wanted to share my outfit with you guys (well mainly the shirt)
I picked this little thing up at Forever 21 yesterday and I am so pleased I did. I got so many compliments on it last night, and it’s perfect to bring to Hawaii as well! And for 21 bucks… ya really can’t go wrong. Check it out here and get yourself one before they sell out! It comes in red too! (Don’t mind my janky selfie… I didnt get a full bod shot at the concert but I should have!!… I’m still working on this blog thing you guys!)


Anyway – I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday…

Did anyone else go see Kip Moore while he was in town?? Gah! I have a huge crush… πŸ™‚




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