Monday, April 15, 2024

New UA gear & HAPPY Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day you guys!!

I have a few things to share with you on this wonderful LOVE day πŸ™‚

Firstly… OMG. Just received an order from Under Armour  and I have to share every detail with you because I am in love with everything I got. 



I picked up a few things that I saw were on sale/would be good for Hawaii/that needed to be a part of my closet just because.
Here’s what I ended up with:

White top / Patterned Sports Bra / Dark  purple capris 
he top is amazing. You can wear it working out, as a beach cover up, or as a cute little summer shirt with sorts! (#winning!)
>>The bra style is one of my faves (1 have 4 diff colours I think) – looks really cute under low back tanks/shirts because of the cut of the back of it. Specially this one because it’s patterned. 
The capris are the ‘studio’ capris style which I have in many colours because they fit perfectly, don’t slide down and make your ass look GREAT! 

Black top / Purple sports bra / Patterned Purple tights 
> The black top is similar to the white one above in that it’s fairly flowy. Main diffs – the arm holes aren’t as low (so it’s not SO open in the back/arms) and the material is a cotton blend (I think!) vs that lycra kinda material
>> This sports bra is wonderful. It’s the standard racerback style, but the colour is rad and the fit is really nice. Comes in a TON of colours
>>The tights. What can I even SAY about the tights? Great price, amazing fit… and I am a sucker for fun colours and patterns. Winning all around with these bad boys.

Grey sports bra / green and blue shorts 
>When I saw this sports bra, I had to have it. I love that it comes a little longer than most and has cups. Not ideal for bouncing around and heavy duty classes… but perfect for under tanks/tees, yoga, or lounging! 
>> These shorts are JUST what I was looking for to bring to Hawaii to lounge by the pool and to workout in the Hawaiian heat with. They’re SO light, fit perfectly and lets face it… they’re adorbs.

So that’s it for the UA stuff right now. Good haul if you ask me πŸ™‚ haha

Now, on to our Valentine’s festivities! 
Greg and I had a great day/eve yesterday.

We taught our class at Gold’s Gym in the morning, per ush – and brought lots of King Island Coconut water for everyone. 


We did our respective Saturday things (I worked on blog stuff and Greg took the pups for a hike), then we left for our super earlybird (like we’re 90) dinner.

We were early enough that we could stop at a Tea place the was close to our dinner spot. Oh my goodness – a new fave for me! This place is in Yaletown and it’s called Teaja! (TORI- This is the place we’re going on our next date!)


Maybe I’m so stoked with this place because the first tea I saw was a Coconut Pu’erh (ANYTHING coconut rocks my world), but the lovely lady (part owner) in there was so wonderful to chat with and the space was so beautiful. Plus – all their teas are all natural AND organic. I purchased 3 teas to bring home and be part of the pre Hawaii Tea Cleanse I’m doing this week (modified version – stay tuned).


I purchased the Coconut pu’erh (obvs – good for increased metabolism and digestion), the Ginger Chai green tea, and the Powerhouse Peach (I would tag these but they’re showing on their website right now)
Anyway – awesome that we had a chance to check this place out, and I can’t wait to go back when I have like 10 hours to just hang out and talk about teaaaa with them.

After this we went to the Keg for dinner (we had gift cards from Gregs mum and Pa!) and we both got a double lobster tail dinner (ballllinnnnnn!). It was really amazing. 


 Today… My Aunt Venise, Uncle Steve and cousins Ian, Zak and Tori met up with us at Big Rock to hang out for abit. Tori is at UBC so we see her once a month or so… but the rest of the fam is here visiting from! So we did our best to show them a good time.


IMG_2852 IMG_2854

IMG_2853 IMG_2851

 It was so awesome to get these guys trying some of the local beers… especially because a lot of them they can’t get back home in Ontario! To their surprise too, my uncle and cousins really enjoyed the darker beers we had at Big Rock (the midnight rhapsody, and especially the dry irish stout!!!) — Just goes to show you can’t judge a beer by its colour! πŸ˜‰

IMG_2856 IMG_2858

Then of course after Big Rock we had to take them to Brassneck… because we love it there. Wilma wasn’t working (Wilma is the greeter/dog) but we still had a great visit there. It was SOOOO good to see these guys… always nice to have a little piece of home come out! 

Lastly …. a little surprise from the hubby.


He knows that obviously every girl loves flowers… but they’re something I REALLY appreciate only once and a blue moon. I really do like when that money goes to something that lasts a little longer/goes a little further! (like an outing, a dinner, donating to pups etc). 

BUT of course, it’s always a wonderful surprise and these were absolutely gorgeous. Plus – he paired them with Pitch Perfect 2 (I already have it on the comp, but clearly we needed a hard copy of this!) Way to go Greggie… you’re such a stud.


Oaklee would also like to make sure you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day… !!

xxx Andrea 



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