Monday, June 24, 2024

Leg workout (& sneak peek of new ‘fashion’ posts!!)

HAPPY HUMP DAY you guys! (for my friends on the east coast, I suppose it’s now the day AFTER hump day)


OK before I get into the workout… I need to share a couple pics with you from my latest afternoon spent with the amazing Glenny (seriously… do yourself a favour and check her out!!!).  She’s helping me showcase some of my outfits for you guys since when I try and take selfies 1) my neighbours think I’m insane, and 2) they often look like sh*t! I will be sharing more in the near future in the upcoming fashion posts, but they’re just so good I had to put out a couple teasers! 

  24541343999_55e3f4382f_z 24540401539_ec5036cdb6_z 24278390914_0693a59f1c_z 24611444950_570a553bc7_z

I am really not that stylish of a person, nor do I take great photos. I usually look super awkward, but Glenny did a great job catching candid shots and making me look as normal as possible! haha As I mentioned… many many more pics to come from the afternoon I spent with her … Stay tuned! (and let me know what you think thus far!)

ALRIGHT. Moving on.

I can’t believe it’s already Day 11 (tomorrow) of the #riseandsweat challenge! If you’re totally lost and have no idea what I’m talking about (CMON… where have you BEEN!?) – no just kidding… here’s the link so you can check it out.

So for Day 11… it’s Leg Day. Glutes, bootyburn, rock bottom… whatever you wanna call it! It time to work that lower half. I LOVE working legs because it’s so great to have super sore glutes and legs. I don’t know… I just feel a real sense of accomplishment when my lower half is sore! And also – your legs are the biggest muscle group in your body.. which means you burn tons of calories when you work your legs, AND you continue burning calories hours after your workout is done – SWEET! 

Alright, on to the workout. 

Processed with MOLDIV
This workout is so simple to do you guys – no equipment needed!! And, you don’t need very much space either.
>> You can make this workout as short or long as you’d like too – so really #noexcuses!!
>>If you want to challenge yourself even more, hold some weights during this circuit (although I don’t think you’ll need to as it burns pretty good with no weights!)

1. squats
2. squat pulses
3. squat jumps
4. lunge pulses
5. switch jumps
6. back lunge and kick
7. glute bridge

 (don’t mind this totally raw and unedited version of the video – iMovie on the comp is way diff than phone~ haha still learning. Also still learning that the phone NEEDS to be held the other way to avoid the ugly blackness on either side – woops!)

Set up
* 45sec on, 15 sec rest for each ex
* After all 8 are complete, rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat
* If 45sec is too long, try 30sec on 15sec rest for each
* Repeat circuit 1-3 times depending on time and how you feel

Under Armour Outfit deets:
Shirt: UA Fly By Mesh tank 
Sports bra: UA Eclipse 
Tights: Cold Gear Stripe 
Shoes:  MicroG Velocity 

Thats it for today, folks!

2 more days til the weekend πŸ™‚ 

xxx Andrea 


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