Friday, February 23, 2024

Hawaii Essentials

Hi you guys!

Sunday night here in Kona and we’re settling in to watch a movie. The weather here has been amazing… no complaints at all – although this afternoon it did rain a little bit which made us a little more cautious  to go outside at night due to the mosquitos (Zika and Dengue fever!!!!)

Better late than never getting this post to you guys.

I wanted to talk about some of my Hawaii essentials that I couldn’t travel without. Apologies I don’t have better pics for these items. 


Under armour to and from bag – Great for a carry on and beach bag
Woss trainer – Suspension trainer, great for hanging off trees and doors outside to do a workout anywhere!
S’well bottle – keeps water cold for 24h and hot for 12!


Books – Pretty Happy – I’m in the first 20 or so pages of this book and LOVING it. Will report back when I’m done.
Promise of a Pencil – Haven’t started it yet but I have high hopes! It’s got great reviews!
 Rescue Roads – This is the only of the 3 books I’ve completed thus far and it was awesome! Really real. If you’re interested in rescue or if you HAVE a rescue animal, it’s definitely a must read. Super well written and very honest.


Argan Magic hair mist – This stuff is amazing. I did an earlier post in my Friday Faves about it … and I’m noticing its especially helpful on vacation when I’m in the pool and ocean and my hair is suffering from the sun as well. Super dry. So this stuff helps a TON!


Inecto Coconut Oil – GAME. CHANGER!!!!! – This stuff is so awesome. It’s SUPER hydrating and my skin is insanely dry while on vacay. All day in the sun/chlorine/salt water and then it’s just thirsty for some lotion/hydration. This stuff does the trick. It’s all natural and cruelty free. I bought it at London Drugs for my Canadian friends!

Saje rolling pharmacy – amazing for travelling! Featuring an immune (wellness), eaters digest (post meal) and peppermint halo (headaches, energizing, stiff muscles) – I never leave home without this pack!


This tea, as you may know is my fave – Coconut Bongo from Tealish. I bring this everywhere. I have it every day. But I did travel with a few other teas as well… Some people need their coffee each day – I… need my tea. 


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.24.31 PM

I brought the black and the white version of these shoes with me. I tried to bring a third pair but I ran out of space in my suitcase. These shoes are SO comfy and SO ridiculously light. They’re like 1/2 a pound each. Maybe. And they are practical too. Great for workouts, tennis, running, with a little sundress or shorts – and you can even wear em as beach shoes!

I think that pretty much sums it up! There are definitely things I have here I haven’t posted about – But I am just not organized enough for that! 

Have you guys tried any of these things?  Let me know!


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