Sunday, June 23, 2024

Friday Faves – Water bottle reco, blush, and shorts you need ASAP

FriiiiiYAY again!!!


I feel like this week really flew by. Probably because it was only a 4 day week, which always helps. Plus, Greg and I are sort of on cloud 9 with excitement for our upcoming trip to Hawaii (first timers!!!) I totally understand if you want to stop visiting the blog between now and when we leave because I’m totally using any chance I get to mention that we’re leaving soon and I can completely appreciate how annoying that is going to get after reading it once or twice. haha 

ANYWAY! On to my faves for this week.

SO. First up… I am sure if you follow my instagram or facebook you’ve seen pics of this little beauty… 


 Oh my gosh you guys.. I’m obsessed. Which I why I did like, a mini photo shoot with this cute little (actually quite big – more on that after) bottle. 






                                                                                                                            This bottle is called Teakwood and is part of their ‘wood’ collection. I fell in love with the look of this bottle, and I LOVE the fact that all the bottles in the ‘wood’ collection are hand painted, so each one is totally unique. Super rad.  I chose the 25oz/750ml size. I initially grabbed the 17oz but found it just wasn’t quite big enough. 
*Sidebar: If I end up with a second one (which I totally want because I love this company, what they stand for and all the gorgeous patterned bottles they have) I would definitely get the 9 oz size because it’s perfect to throw into a small purse if I need to be hands free. If you’re just going to have 1 though (which most normal people would) – I would go for a larger size!

S’well not only makes beautiful water bottles that look nice and are practical, but the company believes in giving back too!
>>They’re a supporter of UNICEF, donating $100,000 to help provide clean water for the worlds most vulnerable children. 
>> They support American Forest restoration and have helped to plant over a half a million trees since 2013 (lets get some trees planted in Canada too, eh?)


A couple other things I love about these bottles:

* they actually do what they claim keeping things cold for 24hrs or hot for 12hrs
* the large size will fit an entire bottle of wine (and you bet your ass it’ll stay nice and chilled til you get where you’re going)
* you’ll feel super posh and important drinking out of it! – Oh no? Just me? … Damn.
* people will actually stop you and comment on these bottles (I’ve had mine a month and had 3 people stop me already


Last thing I will say about these — If you’re local (Vancouver Area) the BEST place to purchase these is at Buddha-Full in North Vancouver. These bottles are not cheap, but they’ve definitely got the best prices. If I’m not mistaken… 

9 0z = $30
17 oz = $40
25 oz = $50
These prices are 5-10 dollars cheaper than I’ve seen anywhere else. PLUS… you can get the delightful salad and glass of kombucha you see in the pic above when you go to pick up your bottle πŸ™‚

Moving on!!

Blush! … Every girl needs a good blush. And mine, is from Earthlab.  

I never used to wear any… only bronzer. But as I got a little older I decided I liked the way a little ‘rose’ looked on my cheeks.
So for the last I think 3 years, I’ve been using the exact same blush and I love it. I use the colour ‘Pink Crush’.

A warning – Their website is a little out of date by the looks of it… but they’re local (Kelowna, BC), all natural, and cruelty free! They’ve got a bunch of Canadian retailers (here) and you can also shop online here
Lastly. SHORTS.


I know. I post a TON of Under Armour stuff and I tell you everything is amazing and you need to get it all. But I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t really feel that way. I would absolutely not represent a brand I didn’t believe in, so I really do mean it when I share these items with you and tell you I love them.

OK. So these shorts were not one of my first purchases. I typically wear tights or capris, OR if I do wear shorts, I like the looser variety usually. BUT – I thought I would give these a try because they were on SALEEEE. And they still are!!! Check em out here.

I thought these shorts would give me the dreaded muffin top and be really tight and pinchy at the top .. .but they’re true to size and super comfy.

Processed with MOLDIV

If you’re still with me… thanks for reading! 
That was quite the ‘Friday Faves’ post… but I really did have a lot to share with you guys this week πŸ™‚

Let me know if you’re familiar with any of my ‘faves’ this week! Would love to hear your thoughts.

xxx Andrea 



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