Monday, April 15, 2024

FEATURE POST: Meet Paddington

Hey you guys,

This is a repost from back in the summer after our Planks for Paws event. 
*NOTE – Sorry a couple of the pics are sideways… I can’t seem to fix them!* 

We were able to raise $1600 through this event, all of which will be given to HugABull. We are so thrilled we were able to do this, and blown away as I mentioned before by all the support. So once again – THANK YOU to everyone that donated time, prizes or money to this event πŸ™‚

I wanted to share that a good chunk of this money is going to this handsome fella named Paddington.

paddI mean come on! Look at those eyes.

Paddington came into HugABulls program a couple months ago, and has been with his foster Mama Joanna since then.


This heart breaker is 4 years old, and was found as a stray by Animal Control – his owners never came to find him!! Can you believe anyone would turn their backs on this handsome boy?

See, Paddington is very curious, and he does like to explore. He can’t be left off leash, and if given an opportunity, he will take himself for a walk and perhaps not be able to find his way home. But instead of working with him on this, getting him some training and giving him lots of love – his owners gave up on him and just never went to find him that last time.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with this guy yesterday, and he really is a huge suck. He thinks he is a lap dog! It’s adorable. He’s 85lbs, and wants to be right on you, all the time, says his foster mom. She calls him a big black marshmallow, because he’s just so mushy and sweet.


Paddington has his own futon that he sleeps in (which I found absolutely hilarious!) Not his own bed, or even part of the couch… but he has his own futon, beside Joanna’s bed where he likes to sleep. Sometimes he’ll sleep on the tiles instead – must like the cold on his belly.


Joanna says that Paddington really likes to play. Because he can’t be off leash at all (yet!) he does lots of his playing indoors, or in a fenced in area. He LOVES to play with ropes, and he will never let you win. haha HugABull does plan on having Paddington do some work with a trainer so he can hopefully spend some time off leash eventually. He has yet to be tested with cats… so this is still an unknown!

He is really great when left by himself, and has zero separation anxiety. He can be left at home for the whole work day without any issues at all.

padd5Paddington currently gets 2-3 walks a day to do his business and get some fresh air! He seems really content with that amount of exercise, but does totally fine with more or less. He’s adaptable!

IMG_0365IMG_0358This big fella is super welcoming when his foster mama has people over to the house. He likes company. He greets them calmly and waits for some love. He will rarely bark – unless something startles him, or the odd time if he sees something he doesn’t like outside! I mean – does this look like an anxious, loud, or aggressive pup???


… I think, NO! (sidenote: Paddington has been neutered since this pic! haha)

The last thing Joanna wanted me to share was how much Paddington loves car rides. She says he is SO happy cruising around and checking things out. After their walks, he always tries to drag her to the parking garage to go in the car. Adorable.

If you think that Paddington might be a good fit for your home, contact

Please share this happy boy’s story so he can find the forever home he deserves !







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