Monday, April 15, 2024

Bodyweight workout & Spring Outfit

Happy Monday you guysss!

Normally Mondays are kinda slow, and sometimes a drag for us (like they are for many people), but in this case… we’re less than 48 hours away from Hawaii so we’re pretty pumped!

Tonight in our workout at Golds, we treated our class to a Bodyweight Beast workout (and when I say treated… I mean tortured)
Usually we use SOME weights at least in our classes, and do a combo of weights, core and cardio in high intensity interval training style. But every once n awhile we’ll toss in a bodyweight only class to shake things up! It’s the best too when we have new people come to the class on a bodyweight day, because they assume it’s going to be a walk in the park, haha – oh you could not BE more wrong. Bodyweight is HARD.


Here’s an example of what a couple people had to say after that class (I never know what to call you guys… obviously you’re our friends.. would you be considered ‘students’? haha)

It’s really nice that a lot of these guys will take pics of the board and post on instagram about the class. We’ve got an awesome little #fitfam.

IMG_2971 IMG_2972


Alright… now for my outfit! Ohhh you guys, I have to say I’m pretty pleased with myself for putting this little beaut together. I know Shannon Steward & the stylish ladies at Citizen Grace would be proud! 

24280035793_fddc6f9875_z 24539306819_df721242ea_z

I like this outfit because it’s a good transitional outfit. It’s just a plain white tank underneath so if it gets warm the sweater can come off. The sweater is so cute and cozy but it’s actually not THAT warm – pretty thin. So perfect for when the warm-ish weather is coming! 

SweaterTank / Watch

The pants are from Aritzia, and they are on SALEEEE (HALF price – only $30 bucks)! No more black in stock, but check out the other colours here. These pants are amazing. They’re light, super comfy and so so soft! Honestly, until September of last year, I could honestly (and somewhat proudly) say I had never purchased anything at Aritzia. It was just way too rich for my bargaining blood, and I hated how pretty much everyone had all the same stuff (since everyone seemed to shop there!). Since that time, I’ve purchased a couple select items from there (Like the tights I posted about last week)


Pants / Shoes 

The shoes… ohhhh… the shoes! You guys know I am obsessed with shoes. I have my fave brands (and yes, of course I looked for a cute leopard print from Toms first… couldn’t find any!), so I picked these adorbs little flats up. I got them from a girlfriend of mine’s online shop Citizen Grace. She doesn’t have them anymore, but you can find them here. They’re so cute and they match most things. I have to say they DO still give me blisters sometimes… if I’m walking a ton. But they’re still relatively new so I’ll let it slide for now!

24906918415_33ae859b2d_z  24906915445_364a7c2439_z

What do you guys think? I mean, I know I’m not the most stylish chick on the block… but I’m trying! And I’m having fun! πŸ™‚ haha


(Thanks again to Glenny for these pics!)

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