Wednesday, July 17, 2024

My workout plan & motivation for the New Year!

Hey all!

Happy Monday (to most of you, or Sunday night if you’re a night hawk!)

I want to tell you guys all about my new plan for the next couple months. It’s one of the programs I highlighted in my post the other day about New Years Inspiration, called Max Workouts (not to be confused with Insanity Max 30!) 


Greg and I have done this program in its entirety once before, and we often will pull a random workout from it if we just want to get a good sweat in. So, I decided since we have 52 days (but who is counting) until Hawaii, I can get a great jump on this 90 day program. 

Before I give you a couple examples of what this plan offers, I want to tell you one of the reasons I am so motivated to stick to it!
A couple weeks before Christmas, Greg came home and said he had a present for me. *Note* – I had told him several times that my goal before heading to Hawaii was to tone up and ideally drop 10lbs.

So he came in with ‘Motivation Coupons’ for me. 

He even said, ‘Most ladies might find this present offensive, but I think you’re going to like it’. haha I was quite scared before taking a closer look at the coupons. Greg excitedly told me that I would have a ‘check in’ every 2 weeks… and if I stayed on track at each check in, I get to donate $50 (per check in) to an animal rescue of my choice!!!! HOW CUTE is he!?! 

Jan 15, down 2.5lbs


Jan 29, down 5lbs 

Feb 12, down 7.5lbs 


Feb 24, down 10lbs

And then

$200 total to whichever rescue I choose is amazing ! Those of you that know me, know that Greg and I follow (try to follow) a fairly strict budget each month to keep us on track saving money! It works for us and I am grateful Greg is willing to keep us on track (because spreadsheets and #s are my nightmare) – this is why being able to donate $200 ‘budget free’ is so exciting to me.

Okay, now… on to the workouts!

I am going to give you a couple super quick snip its of what the workouts look like, but I obviously can’t give you them all, because it’s not my program to give away. 

One of the workouts from the first level of the program is as follows (there are 4 levels and each level is performed for 3 consecutive weeks).

Repeat as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.
> Inverted Rows (8)
> Push ups (10)
> Burpees (12)


This workout is from the fourth level of the program 

  • Squat Press Up (as many as possible in 20 seconds)
       <repeat for 10 rounds, rest for 2 minutes, continue with the below>
  • Deadlift highpulls (as many as possible in 20 seconds)
       <repeat for 10 rounds to finish>

I really do encourage you to have a look at this program. It’s totally worth the money and Greg and I both found that it worked great for us!

I would love to hear about your plans for the New Year! Anyone else looking to tone up and kick those workouts up a notch? Anyone want to be my accountability buddy and commit to a certain goal ? If you meet that goal, what will you get? (shopping spree, new shoes, massage etc)

Let me know! Would love to workout with you!!

xxx Andrea 


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