Thursday, May 30, 2024

#riseandsweat February

Hey you guys! 

Alright – here are the instructions for your 21 days of #riseandsweat! 


‪#‎riseandsweat‬ DAY 1

How does it work? Easy.
>Get up and start your day with some form of activity. (Anything from a walk, to yoga, to stretching, to a full on workout)
>Take a pic or video of what you’re doing for your #riseandsweat
>Tag me (@andreagnys) and hashtag#riseandsweat
Every time you post, you get an entry

>> Share challenge (repost it on your facebook or insta)
>>Tag friends that you want to do the challenge with you!

I am going to be posting workouts the night before for what you can do the next morning.

?you DO NOT have to do the workout challenge that I post… these are simply guides or ideas for those of you that aren’t really sure what to do and want some inspiration
?You DO NOT have to do something every day of the 21 days to win – each time you post you get an entry. Of course – the more you do, the more likely you are to win!

For this workout:
It’s an AMRAP challenge – so as many reps as possible.
Complete 15 of each exercise, move on to the next, then the next etc
Complete as many rounds as possible of the circuit in 20 minutes.

If you’re unsure of what the exercises are, they can be googled pretty easily. I’m trying to post best instructions for you guys. but my blog server is down right now.

I will be drawing a winner on Feb 21st for the Under Armour prize pack. There will be a couple random prizes throughout the 21 days, so be sure to be as consistent as you can, and always tag me (@andreagnys) and hashtag #riseandsweat!! 

Can’t wait to sweat with you guys for the next 21 days ! You know… 21 days form a habit, so get on it!!!!

Any questions – let me know! 


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