Sunday, May 26, 2024

New Years Bodyweight Workout!

Hey All,

First of all.. sorry about the delayed post. I have had 2 bouts of the flu in 3 days… waking up throwing up 2/3 days (NOT from a hangover) is NOT fun!!! So that is the excuse for the tardy workout post.


Happy New Year!! Trying to get off on the right foot but not too sure where to start? Well… first of all you can take a look at yesterdays post where I highlight a handful of my favourite workout programs that use little to no equipment. You can do them anytime, anywhere, and most of them are less than 30 minutes as well.

But, if you’d like an example of a straight forward, quick and dirty bodyweight workout – here is one we did while at home visiting family.

The breakdown is as follows.

>> Repeat each round x 4
>> 20 seconds per exercise 

Round 1
1. Leg lift push ups – do a regular push up and alternate raising right leg, push up, then left leg, push up
2. Cross body V-ups – laying on your back, raise a straight right leg to meet your left arm, then alternate 
3. Leg clap jumps – jump as high as you can, raise your right leg up and clap your hands under it, repeat switching legs
4. Ski abs – start in a plank position, jump feet in to outer side of your left hand, back to plank, jump feet to the outer side of left hand

Round 2
1. Push up jacks – push up, jack feet in and out, push up, jack feet in and out
2. V – ups – laying on back, raise straight legs to meet arms while raising shoulders off ground, repeat.
3. Clap back jumps 
4. In & Outs – start in plank, jump feet in to the hands, jump back out to plank

Round 3
1. Pendulum Push ups – start in regular push up position, step feet over to the right 45 degrees, push up, then step feet over to the     left side 45 degrees from centre, push up
2. Leg lift splits – raise both legs, lower to 4 inches above ground, split legs, repeat.
3. Drunken turkeys – kind of like a star jump
4. Plank up and over hops 

Round 4
1. Hand switch push ups – push up with 1 hand 6 inches ahead of the other, switch hand placement – repeat 
2. Atomic Flutters – laying on your back, do large flutter type kicks with your legs
3. In & Out squat jumps – start with feet together in squat position, jump to feet apart squat position, repeat 
4. Plank jacks – start in a plank position, and jack feet in and out

I was able to complete this workout post ALMOST before the end of the day on January 1st… but the resolution will have to be on a different day! πŸ™‚ 


xxx Andrea 


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