Thursday, November 26, 2020

Friday Faves – Gear that makes you work harder & [natural] deodorant to keep you fresh!

Friday again! YAY!!!

I feel like this month has actually been flying by. Already the 22nd? Geez. Usually January kinda drags, but not this year!!

I’ve got a fully packed Under Armour post for you guys today… because every time I get dressed to workout I fall more in love with their new(ish) line.  


I recently just received this glorious bright orange shirt. And, it’s on SALE!! The material is fab and it comes in 7 colours. Great for to and from, but also perfect to sweat in. 

The white shirt underneath is the same one I’ve worn a million times – one of my fave styles that they have! 
(It’s this one, for reference)

The blue tights are ALSO on SALEEEE! And they are SO comfy. They don’t pinch the waist, they do come up fairly high, which I don’t mind for working out because they stay put. And just look at them. That colour!!! They do come in 4 other colours too ๐Ÿ™‚


Lastly, the shoes. Ohhhh the shoes. I think I have 5 pairs of shoes in this style (at least!) just different colours! They’re honestly SO comfy.. they look cute with regular non workout clothes too! And they’re SO light. At $100 per pair…. Well worth it!

Okay, that’s it for the clothes for this week. But I do urge you to check out the UA site right now because they have a huge amount of awesome things in their ‘outlet’ store online. Lots of sales!!!

The other thing I am really loving this week is a new deodorant I tried out as of a few weeks ago. Schmidt’s!


I found this deodorant at one of my fave Vegan places to eat (Buddha-Full, in North Van). I was intrigued because the staff there spoke highly of the brand. All natural, Vegan, AND cruelty free. My biggest thing with this stuff though … IT WORKS!!!

I know myself as well as a bunch of friends that are either vegan, or just try to choose cruelty free products have had a really tough time finding vegan/natural/cruelty free deodorant that WORKS! Obviously it’s different for everyone – but I definitely recommend trying this stuff.


It comes with a little spatula thing… and you just scoop out a dime(ish) size amount, and you can either warm it in your hands, or just smear it under each arm. I thought it would be weird applying with my hands, but I actually don’t mind it. 

Thats it for this week you guys. Would love to hear your thoughts!

xxx Andrea 


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