Thursday, May 30, 2024

Friday Faves – NEW BEER, Saje Love & (cheaper) TRX Alternative

FRIDAY AGAIN!!! And this week my post is on timeeeee!

Firstly – Pedro would like to wish you a Happy Friday


When I’m putting these ‘Fave’ posts together… I always go back and forth between what I want to post because lately I’ve been blessed to have TONS of things that I am lovin! Lucky gal right here.

Anyway – here’s what I have for you this week!

Alright, so I ordered this Woss Military Strap trainer thing last week and I’m super impressed.


I ordered it as an alternative to a TRX, mainly to travel (Hawaii in a month!!) or to use outside. Greg and I do tons of different workout programs, but we’re in the middle of the Max Workout program right now (and loving it !) so I didn’t really want to spend $150+ on a TRX if I wasn’t too sure how often it would get used. I found this Woss Trainer on Amazon for $33 dollars and FREE shipping. AMAZING. Not only did the product come in 2 days, but it’s literally the same thing as the TRX just with different branding and a few small alternatives. It does the exact same thing for 1/4 of the cost.

It came with a little instruction poster (with different exercises) as well as a little carry bag. Definitely recommended if you’re having trouble biting the bullet on the $150+ TRX. 

Secondly – another Saje Fave. I swear I don’t work for them and I pay for all my own products! haha I just love them! I bought a nebulizer from there a few months ago, and it’s awesome. 


These little beauties are great for any room in the house, but Greg and I have ours in the bedroom. Different size nebulizers can work in different size rooms. Ours is the AromaOm, and it’s good for smaller spaces, but they do have larger ones like the AromaOm deluxe that would better fit a main floor/living room space. These nebulizers are air purifiers, humidifiers, and oil diffusers in one. Saje has countless diffuser oils for the nebulizers, so there’s something for every mood or ailment. 

When I feel a cold coming on (which seems to be often this time of year) I load up the neb with the Immune Oil  and I can almost instantly feel my sinuses clear and breath easier. It’s awesome! They have great blends for sleep, relaxing, energy boosts and all the in between time! The best part about Saje is they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products. You can take any product back, half used even, if you don’t like it. So you literally have nothing to lose!!! 

Lastly- Big Rock has just released a new beer. Well, technically the beer isn’t new as we do have it in a bomber… but it’s now available in 6 pack bottles. WOOOO! This is my FAVOURITE beer to date that Big Rock has made. It’s definitely hoppy (67 IBU) and is super citrusy and grapefruity (due to the one and only hop in here – CITRA!!!).  The wicked thing about the Citradelic is that it’s still super session-able, meaning you can have a few without feeling like you’ve been kicked in the nuts with hops.


Because I’m so excited about the release of this beer, I thought I would give someone a couple 6 packs… just because! All you need to do is leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve tried this beer yet (in bomber form!), and what your fave beer is right now?! Easy guys … ! You’d be silly not to enter πŸ™‚ As usual, extra entries if you tag a friend on Facebook/Instagram, or share the post!

 – I will draw a winner on Tuesday, Feb 2nd. 

*Open to residents of BC only*

Have a great weekend!

xxx Andrea 


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