Sunday, May 26, 2024

VEGA REVIEW & Monday Golds workout (Shoulders/Back)

It’s Monday again! And omg, Christmas is in 10 days!!! 

This is super exciting for Greg and I because we go home to Ontario every year for Christmas to see our families. I am getting really antsy and ready to go. Alright, so before I get to the workout we did last night, I just want to take a minute to tell you about the reformulated Vega Sport Protein.


Now the link I’ve shared with you, for the moment, is a little misleading because it’s still got the older formula protein. However… it’s going to be changing soon so I am told. 

Okay, so a little background. For those that don’t know, I worked at Vega for 3 years. I love the company, and absolutely love all the products. They use the best ingredients and the products are effective and delicious. When I changed jobs, we continued to buy and use many of the Vega products (we use the sport protein, Vega One, and Greg uses the Pre Workout  daily). Like I mentioned, they truly are the best plant based, all natural products out there.

SO – when I was sent some of the BRAND NEW Protein to taste and review, I was STOKED. And so was Greg. Let me tell you, we were NOT disappointed. I didn’t really have any complaints anyway about the old formula, so I wasn’t really expecting that the new one could be much better…. but it is! 


The flavour is fantastic. Honestly, I think the first word that comes to mind for me for all of the flavours would be creamy. So0o0 creamy. I will often have my protein just with ice and water late morning as a snack between breakfast and lunch, so that is how I tried all these flavours. Another thing I noticed too was that they weren’t overly sweet (which is sometimes one of my complaints with stevia… it’s just too sweet) – but these were just perfect. The powder dissolves really nicely so it’s not thick or clumpy when you’re drinking.

To summarize, here are some of the things that have changed with the protein.
✔slightly less sweet which I LOVE
✔creamier than before
✔more protein (30g) — 30g of plant based protein is KILLER! 
✔ more glutamine (6g)
✔ more BCAAs (6g)

Another thing I just want to point out was that I actually really enjoyed the strawberry flavour this time. Without being toooo crass, I reallllly didn’t enjoy the berry in the old formulation – but this was a really nice surprise and was quite delicious!

I still think the Mocha is my favourite… but the chocolate is definitely a close second, and the other two (Vanilla and Strawberry) are great for shakes!!) 

THANK you Vega, for letting me sample this delicious rebrand. I will of course, continue to use it daily!!!

Now – on to the workout.
Todays #nevermissamonday class at Golds was Shoulders and Back. It was a toughy. The workout we planned was a little too long, but that is how we learn, and next time we’ll know 🙂 

Here’s a look at what we did.


Circuit 1

10 Back shoulder presses (normal barbell shoulder press, but the bar lowers behind your head instead of at eye level)
10 Shoulder presses (regular, come down to eye level)
10 Rows
10 deadlifts 
>> all the above done with a barbell – ideally 2 of them, 1 lighter for shoulders and 1 heavier for back
>> Repeat this circuit x3 with no break

Tabata 1
In & Out /Dumbbell punches 
>> 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
>> Do in and outs for 20 sec, rest for 10, do DB punches for 20, rest for 10 secs, repeat for 4 rounds

Circuit 2
10 front raises 
10 clean and press 
10 shrugs
10 bent over back flies (with DBs)
>> Repeat this circuit x3 with no break


Tabata 2
Plank rows/DB fly jacks 
>> 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
>> Do plank rows for 20 sec, rest for 10, do DB fly jacks for 20, rest for 10 secs, repeat for 4 rounds
(plank rows is what I chose for the ‘move of the day’ today!) 

— We finished off this workout with a 10 minute core burn out — 

Would love to hear your thoughts! Have you ever tried Vega? 

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