Monday, April 15, 2024

Friday Faves – UA tights, Saje Rolling Pharmacy, Younique Lashes

First of all… Happy Friday!

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These posts are my favourite ones to read on other blogs, because I love to see what some of my fave bloggers are into lately. It’s a great way to learn about sometimes new random things, or come back into older things you might have forgotten about.

Also, for my first ‘Friday Faves’ post, and for the next few in the foreseeable future… I’m going to have the Holidays in mind!!! My favourite time of year 🙂

Okay, lets talk about some of my faves this week!

Firstly – in the interest of the holidays, and shopping ideas … These tights are a must have for any gal that loves to be comfy and stylish! They go with pretty much everything and the quality is fantastic. I loveeee the ox blood colour – specially for this time of year!! But I am going to be totally honest… I’ve got them in every colour. haha

IMG_1624 IMG_1625

Another thing I’d like to share is my fairly recent obsession for Saje Naturals. This company is totally focused on natural healing and I love everything they have. BUT – for this time of year, there are a couple things that make great stocking stuffers! The first is the Rolling Pharmacy featuring:
– Peppermint halo (known as the 4 minute miracle, amazing for headaches, as well as easing tension in the traps and shoulders
– Immune (good for pretty much any time, but specially when you feel like you’re getting sick!)
– Eaters Digest (when you’ve had too much to eat and are feeling uncomfortable and are dealing with heartburn).

The other item they have is called the Pocket Pharmacy, which has all the things the rolling pharmacy has, as well as two other favourites – the Pain Release (great to roll on to stiff muscles), and  Stress Release (perfect for those times at the office when you just need to chill out and relax).

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.54.55 PM IMG_1637IMG_1638

Lastly – I’ve gotta talk about Younique fiber lashes!  SO I purchased these almost a year ago now. A friend of mine Kelly (she’s pretty much a saint!) was doing a fundraiser, where if you ordered any of these products, the commissions from the sale would go to Mexican street pups. Now… almost a year later —- I am addicted. This product is fantastic!

I typically steer away from  multi-level marketing companies as I’ve never been a fan… HOWEVER … these guys seem to have it figured out. Not only do they use naturally based products, but, they’re also CRUELTY FREE!! Which is huge for me! 🙂 and… lets be honest, look how good they make your lashes look!


Is anyone familiar with any of these things I’ve mentioned ? Would love to hear your thoughts!




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