Saturday, July 20, 2024

A new body weight workout + our Golds Gym session tonight (Shoulders/Legs)

Hey guys! Happy Monday!!!

Tonight I’ve got a couple workouts for you. At Golds tonight, it was Shoulders & Legs. I had to miss it as I was doing a training for work in Whistler and I’m both happy and sad I missed it. Would have been nice to get a super tough workout in to kick the week off, however I am still pretty sore from Saturday’s workout, so it may have been a blessing in disguise for me? ha – maybe I’m just bein a pansy!


And for those of you that don’t have access to tons of equipment, I’ve got another Body Weight BEAST workout for ya!
Ideally, you have access to a pull up bar… but if you don’t, then sub regular push ups for lat push ups!

Do 10 of each of these exercises. Rest for 30 secs – 1 min and repeat x 5.

Pull up (if you can’t do a regular pull up, try a jumping pull up… ain’t no shame in that! These are what I do mostly!)
Burpees (up to you, but I would do these sans push up, since push-ups are next!)
Push ups (if you don’t have access to pull up bar, then do LAT push ups. Notice my hands are staggered and you’re going to bring one arm over and tuck it into your side while the other arm stays in it’s normal position. This is the insanity max 30 variation, but I found two other interesting ways to do it here and here.)
IMG_1656 IMG_1657

Switch Kicks (keep a nice tight core here and get those feet up high – 5 per leg, 10 total)
Dips (do it on a bench or chair if you can, but if not on the ground is fine)
Lunge jumps (keep the chest high, don’t slouch over when you get tired)
(if two legs is too tricky, do 1 at a time)

If anyone is wondering – Shirt >> Tights (aka the best most comfy tights ever that I have in 3 colours)

JAY CONTE … This one is for you! Let me know how you make out!!

For everyone else – which of these exercises is your LEAST fave ? Everyone hates at least 1 of these body weight beastly moves.

Andrea  🙂

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