Sunday, June 23, 2024

My first pair of Frye’s (and how I’m justifying it!)

Well this is funny. I have never thought of myself as someone that has a trendy style. I sure try hard at it… haha but I am always asking my sister/sister in laws and girlfriends ‘If this looks good’, or spending ages on pinterest looking for an outfit idea, because heaven forbid I try and create one on my own… Look out world, she’s loose!

I realized though, that even if I’m not the trendiest, the best at matching colours or patterns or the best photo taker OF these outfits I’m wearing — I love clothes. I love accessories … my mom told Greg when we started dating that he better be prepared to build me a room just for my shoes —  and I love shopping! So welcome to the first post of the ‘style’ section of this brand new blog.

I wanted to share these pics, because there are a few pieces in this outfit I’m particularly happy with

IMG_1463     IMG_1477 IMG_1463

>> Sweater (similar here, and here)
>> Boots
>> Hat
 >> Scarf (similar)

The purchase of these boots was a tough one for me! I’m usually a budget shopper. I have LOTS and LOTS of things, but a lot of them aren’t great quality and don’t last long. If it’s on sale, I want it (thanks a lot, Mom… ! I come by this naturally at least)

Those of you that know Greg and I, know that we have monthly budgets. Most of Greg’s monthly allotment goes to his beer, where most of mine goes to belts, boots and scarves 🙂 BUT, it has forced me to be more mindful about the things I’m purchasing, and it’s allowed us to save some money.

Another thing Greg has encouraged me to do is to shift my mindset from having MORE clothes, to having better quality clothes that don’t fall apart after 2 wears. I am not totally there yet, but I am learning. I can especially appreciate this with a couple different things:

Greg and I live in this stuff because we teach classes several times a week and do our own workouts each day.. So this makes sense to invest in. (enter Under Armour , check out some UA love here)

I have a million pairs of shoes. Like 15 pairs of workout sneaks (thanks UA) and way too many other shoes, boots and sandals to count. BUT… lots of them are not great quality and are ruined before too long. So I’ve started to see the value in spending the extra $$ for certain shoes/boots I will have for years.

And that’s my long winded version of sharing a new outfit with you, and justifying buying my first pair of Frye’s!

What are your shopping vices? I know you have them… tell me about them!!!

xxx – Andrea

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