Monday, April 15, 2024

Why Rescue?

Our little muffins. Pedro on the top left, Oaklee top right. Wiser is bottom left, and his mom Hoolie bottom right
Our little muffins. Pedro on the top left, Oaklee top right. Wiser is bottom left, and his mom Hoolie bottom right


Block off an hour or so of your time… this could take awhile.  Just kidding, I’ll do my damnedest to give you the quick and dirty version of why rescuing is so bad ass.
Here’s 10 reasons for you.
10. You’ll save money

  Shelters are ALWAYS cheaper than buying a pure bred dog. They usually only charge what they need to to cover the cost of the pups shots, vet bill if there were any and any costs they may need to cover being a ‘not for profit’ organization. It’s pretty standard to pay anywhere from $150-$350 for a shelter pup. Many places don’t even have a set amount, they just ask for a donation (Like TDA, where we got Pedro)

 9. What you see is what you get (with an adult rescue dog)
     There’s no guessing what they’ll end up looking like, what size they will be, and what their temperament will be like!
 8. There are many options! Puppy, pure bred or mutts
     It’s a common misconception that there are no pure bred dogs and no puppies at shelters. This is untrue. That said, it’s been proven that mutts (mixed breed pups) often live longerbecause they seem to inherit the positive health traits of each breed in them over the detrimental ones (ie: if they’re a larger breed, they often won’t have hip issues like pure bred larger breeds can) Plus! Mutts tend to have more relaxed, easy going, UNsnobby (is that a word?) personalities!  Mainly – they rock.
 7. Helping to control the dog population
     Why support over-population which is one of the main reasons there are so many homeless pups
 6. Many rescue dogs are already trained 
     If you’re getting an adult dog from a rescue, chances are they’re already trained. Even if you’re getting a puppy, many rescue organizations have foster homes that their pups stay in, so there’s still a good chance that the puppy you’re adopting is well on their way to housebreaking and basic training
 5. Shelters often help to match you to the right dog
     Every shelter or rescue I’ve worked with/spoken to has a fairly lengthy application process where they ensure that you’re a good candidate to rescue a dog, but also that the dog you’re choosing is a good fit for you. It’s very much like choosing a mate — it has to be a good fit on both ends!
 4. They know that you saved them – instant bond
     Dogs are smart! (we wonder about Pedro… but in general, they’re smart. haha) Don’t think for a second they don’t realize that they have a comfy bed and lots of love because of you
 3. You won’t be supporting puppy mills and pet stores
  Dogs coming from puppy mills and going to pet stores are kept in foul, inhumane conditions with only the goal of large profit and no regard at all for puppy or parent health
 2. Your dog will be healthy!
   Almost all shelters require a vet check and up to date shots before the dog (or cat) can go home with a family. This is definitely not the case with pet store and puppy mill dogs
   WHAT better feeling that that? My husband and I have 4 rescue animals as many of you know (2 dogs and 2 cats) and there’s no better feeling knowing we saved them.
Although, I am sure the animals are thinking:

And I definitely agree with this !
And I definitely agree with this !

Do you have any rescues ? Would love to hear about your furry fam!


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