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Need some inspiration for New Year’s fitness resolutions!?

Hey guys,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I spent it back home with my family in Ontario and we had a great time. I know this is the time of year that everyone is super keen on their resolutions, starting over, getting healthy and feeling refreshed.


I thought it would be a good time to talk about a few of my favourite workout programs that Greg and I have done over the last couple years and give you some options to choose from if you’re feeling overwhelmed on where to start and what to do to get yourself back on track to kick off 2016.

Probably my favourite program we’ve done to date would be Shaun T’s Insanity Max 30. (click on the link and scroll down)


The programs Shaun T puts together are actually incredible. This one in particular blows my mind because it’s super hard (I’m exhausted at the end), it’s only 30 minutes start to finish, and the best part is you need ZERO equipment and such a small amount of space. Greg and I do it in our tiny little living room side by side, and it’s more than enough room. This program is perfect for someone that travels a lot, someone that has a small amount of time to get their sweat on each day, or someone that doesn’t have any weights or dumbbells to use. Actually, this program is literally perfect for everyone.

It’s definitely not a beginner program. But there’s a ‘modifier’ person in each video that you can follow if you’re jut starting out, and this makes it completely approachable for ANYONE.

I’ve done a few of Shaun T’s programs before… Insanity (Original) &  T-25 (click on the link and scroll down) and I’ve enjoyed them all. The original Insanity is good… a little longer than Max 30 (45-60mins) but still no equipment necessary! T-25 is also a great program to follow with varying levels (anyone can do it! Just modify when necessary). The first month of T-25 is equipment free, and the second month is minimal equipment (a set of dumbbells and a stretch band). Out of the 3, Max 30 was my fave, but I liked each of them for different reasons and it depends what your focus is. There are some great reviews on each to help you decide if you’re having trouble.

Here are a couple of my faves:
Insanity Max 30


The next one I’m going to suggest is another BeachBody program (I swear I don’t work for BeachBody or have any affiliation with them… haha it just so happens that they have some of the best programs in my humble opinion!) – 21 day fix extreme 


This program to be totally honest wasn’t MY personal favourite, only because I didn’t find it super challenging. The workouts are really good, you do need minimal equipment (a light set of dumbbells, a heavier set, and a stretch band), but the workouts are pretty similar to what Greg and I do in our bootcamp classes so I guess I didn’t find them super challenging. That said though, I know people that have had mega success on this program, and it is definitely approachable for any fitness level.

This is why I’ve included it as a suggestion because I do think the program is good – it just wasn’t my personal fave. The package also comes with containers for food. This is a big selling feature of the program — not only is there a workout program, but a whole eating section that teaches you how to portion out your food properly. Again, I think this is a great idea, and it’s really easy to understand and follow, it’s just time consuming. Also, I have many food restrictions. I pretty much am following a vegan diet (no meat, dairy, eggs) but I do eat fish. So that said. the portioning is trickier and there weren’t as many recipe options I found. Here’s a review of the 21 day fit extreme if you’re curious. 

Another program that Greg and I keep going back to and will do random workouts from it if we need something intense to do is the Max Workout Program




We originally purchased this about 5 years ago and gave it a try together. You do need some equipment for this one, so it’s definitely doable at the gym, but can totally be done at home too. All you need for these is set of dumbbells (maybe 2 sets) and a pull up bar. The workouts are super intense, short and there’s a good variety as you progress from 1 level to the next. 

Here’s a great FAQ page that answers many of the questions you’re likely wondering. Also, here is a really honest review of the program that I found. 


The last one I’ll suggest is a website I’ve followed for ages now. It’s called BodyRock.


When this page first started, it was almost ALWAYS bodyweight only workouts which was awesome. Over the years, they’ve added some random pieces of equipment that I’m not so crazy about… but it’s definitely still worth checking out. In the link (under BodyRock above) it will take you right to the ‘bodyweight’ section of the workouts. 

The key with any of these programs is realizing that what worked for me may not work for you, and vise versa. It is important to find a program that not only challenges you, but that you enjoy. Because if you don’t enjoy it you’re not going to stick to it!

Of course, you can always check on our page here, under the bodyweight section (under workouts) because we try to post as many workouts as we can in that section as well!

Be sure to check back tomorrow, as we’ll have a great NEW YEARS workout (all bodyweight, do it anywhere!) for you to try!

Have a wonderful eve tonight, friends! See you in 2016!

xxx Andrea 

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