Monday, November 23, 2020

Mulled everything, and a tasty GIVEAWAY!!!


I was going to include this ‘fave’ in my post yesterday, but I sort of felt like it deserved it’s own post. Especially because it’s PARTICULARLY delicious over the holidays (and yes this is a shameless plug for the company I work for!) – you’ve gotta check out Rock Creek Cider. This cider comes in Apple, Pear, and depending where you’re located, you might be able to find the variety pack that has 2 apple, 2 pear and 2 black currant. It’s such a nice option if you’re not a beer/wine fan, or if you just want something tasty. It’s also made using all Okanagan Fruit, it’s GLUTEN FREE (bam!), and it’s also only got ~3 grams of sugar per bottle/can. 3 grams!!!! That’s so low you guys. So many of our competitors have 10 grams + per can/bottle! For a little more info on our cider, check out my post from earlier in the year here.


Also… for those of you that are really in the holiday spirit and want something delicious for your Christmas/New Years parties… try this ridiculously good mulled cider. Just incase you were confused like me… ‘scrumpy’ is alcoholic cider.

We made this last night with Rock Creek and it worked perfectly.

IMG_1857IMG_1851 IMG_1855

As a side note, we also made some mulled wine… because, well, mulled anything is my fave and really gets me into the spirit of the holidays ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, my good friend Morgan Shupe was over, and she’s a chef… so anytime she wants to spend ANY time in the kitchen with me, I’d be a chump to say no!!

IMG_1847  IMG_1849

I’m not too sure which was my favourite to be honest… they were both super tasty! The one thing I will say with mulled products is you’ve gotta be careful because of the added sugar.  Can make for a mean hangover if you’re not careful! Like I mentioned above, our cider is extremely low in sugar, but there’s definitely a decent amount added to ‘mull’ it! Be sure to have lots of water throughout the night or you’ll regret it in the AM!

Oh and of course I had to include a couple outfit pics… because last night was the first night I really started to get decked out for the holidays!! (Wait til you see what I have coming next week for a pub crawl!!)

IMG_1810 IMG_1827


I literally bought the sweater YESTERDAY from H&M, but they don’t seem to have it on their site… it IS in stores though for $24.99. But I found another one online, here,  that’s also super awesome (I actually have it in the green colour). The tights were a gift from last year from the ‘Sweet Legs’ company, and they are the softest thing EVER! I couldn’t find the exact pair, but I found a pretty wicked Christmas pair here.  If you like the reindeer ones though (and I don’t blame you, because they’re bad ass) I found a pair on Shopbop, and another pair on Amazon (2 day shipping, whaaat!?). ALSO – here’s a pair from Etsy that I found from a great little shop I’ve purchased ponchos from already.

The pups are even ready for the holiday season with their festive Bow Tie (Pedro) and Flower (Oaklee) collars, handmade from Etsy! ๐Ÿ™‚


Anyway… back to the cider. Since I’m talkin it up so much and making it sound so delicious on it’s own AND mulled – I figured I should give some away!

In light of the holiday season, instead of a 6 pack, I’m giving away a full flat (ie: 24) ciders! You can pic which flavour you’d like!)

To enter:
Comment below on which flavour youโ€™re most excited to try
>>For extra entries
a) comment on the Instagram/Facebook post and tag a friend that you think would like to win
b) repost my post โ€“ just be sure to tag me (@andreagnys) and Big Rock Brewery (@bigrockurbanyvr) we can see!

Open to residents of the Lower Mainland in Vancouver only.
Winner will be drawn on Tuesday, Dec 15th.

xxx Andrea


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